Forever denim

ImageFor my weekly ‘wish-list’ I have put together a selection of some of the hottest denim trends currently available on the high st. Quite fantastic how Denim has worked it’s way up from a utility cloth suitable for hard labour to an every day must have which graces some of the top catwalks in the world. And quite rightly so, what would we do without it? For all the links, including a ‘crash-course’ in how to make Denim cushions from the denim you no longer use, check our page

Have a great week. x Nadia

If you think feeling Blue is bad for you… think again


My wishlist for this week is a Blue affair. Whilst I love colour, when it comes to clothes I am very much a black kinda girl… I look at colour and end up buying black. Well, seems blue is fast becoming the new black and the good thing is there are just so many shades of blue to choose from. So now I think feeling blue is actually not a bad place to be in at all!

Check out all the details here

Have a great week, no matter the colour,

x Nadia

And now something for the boys!



So Finally, week 6 of my Christmas shopping research was dedicated to the boys. I entered this with trepidation as I just couldn’t bear the though of gadget, gadget and more gadgets. But, to my pleasant surprise there is so much out there on offer for the boys- absolutely spoilt for choice.So I have split up my wish list into 3: the fun, the practical and the ( un) necessary. You can find all the links to the images on our webpage

Happy browsing ( and shopping)!

DIY, afford or even splurge… week 2 of my Christmas shopping research


Week 2 of my Christmas shopping ‘research’ is dedicated to daughters, older sisters ( of which I have 2) and best friends ( of which I have too many when it comes to present shopping) which is precisely why I have done my ‘DIY’ research- so much great stuff out there that we can actually make relatively easily and have the satisfaction of giving. Make sure you log onto my webpage
to find out all the links and details. I would like to have each and every items on this list but if I had to chose just the one.. Liberty suitcase pls, I love it!

Next week I am looking at gifts for younger sisters and young best friends- fun, fun, fun.

A great week to all, x Nadia


DIY, afford and even splurge… working my way to Xmas


I know I have been talking about the weather for my last few posts but really, in actual fact and as my mum would say ‘Christmas is coming!’.. and it sure is!  Time to really start thinking about what to make, what to buy and what I can afford. So for the next few weeks I shall be sharing my Xmas research with you, things I am thinking of making, things I can afford and things I may splurge on. This week I was looking at things for mums- who else? to find out my links and those essential DIY tutorials head on to our page

And if you’ve got any suggestions I would L-O-V-E to know so pls drop me a line.

Have a great week, x N