Mind the gap or find the gap?

Those of you who’ve visited the London underground have more than likely experienced ‘Mind the gap’, both the announcement and the large text on the edge of the platform. So having been to the G8 conference, which discussed all matters to do with women’s empowerment, (especially in Arab countries following the Arab Spring and in North Africa), my travels through Embankment station took on a whole new meaning. To create change and business do we need to Mind the gap? Find the gap? Or perhaps a little of both? I’ve been pondering about this ever since, my thoughts are telling me that in business it’s vital to find the gap but at the same time necessary to be mindful of it too.

Too long a discussion for my short text, so instead I am sharing with you my Top 9, starting off at The Durbar court, which backs onto Downing Street, the venue of many a government event. It was quite obvious from the event I attended there last week that Nude is the new black, and Nude Louboutin killer heels were definitely the #1 accessory!! The canapés were pretty plentiful (and I love good canapés). And as for finding the gap, if any of you saw The Rolling Stones at Glastonbury I am sure you will agree that after that after 50 years they are still hanging on to their gap.

The details and links of the images are listed on our webpage, have a great week!

X Nadia