Dana’s Blog: Day 7

Hey guys!

Thanks for keeping up with my blog thus far!

Today I sent out the press release! Two of the people I emailed evidently changed jobs or have a very good spam filter, but other than that all was good. I’m going to try and reach out to fashion bloggers and newspaper supplements and resend it to them, if any of you have any ideas about fashion blogs or places I should reach out to, let me know!


I also am writing the descriptions of the bags for the website. This is where high school English classes will come in useful, because apparently “black clutch bag” isn’t sufficient (who knew?)

Tomorrow I’ll be writing the descriptions, and working on new press releases as well as sitting down with Nadia and deciding who else we should reach out to. I’m really excited!

Have a great day and I hope you’re having better weather than we are in London!

Fashion is…


I know there’s a big trend now of quotes and sayings, I often look but don’t really follow. However this one really caught my attention, it sums up what I feel about fashion and how I see and run my brand. I’ve often been asked by journalists, PR agents and even buyers about how ‘fashionable’ my brand is. Fashionable but not fashion led I say, smart but subtle, on trend but hopefully timeless. So for all of you out there who sometimes worry that maybe you’re just not fashionable enough, this one’s for you, have your own style, it’s what makes you- you!

Have a great week, x Nadia