So good to be back




ImageI feel as if I have completely neglected my beloved blog for some weeks now and indeed I’ve not had a chance to put pen to paper ( or fingers to keyboard) and update my page on new things, new sights, new ventures. Hopefully, I am back on track as of today and have decided to ‘kick off’ my new season with beautiful fresh blossom. Nothing I like more than blossom (oh, and chocolate of course) it’s just a riot of colour outside now with trees and plants bursting with buds and colour, spring is perfect and I am sharing my spring with you!

It’s official, spring started yesterday!

ImageAt 13:00 I am still sat at my desk with my coat and scarf on. The heating is on and no, I am not wearing my coat and scarf because I have just come in, in actual fact I’ve been here since very early this morning.

True, I don’t ‘do’ cold as well as others, as a matter of fact I don’t ‘do’ cold well at all. But the thing that gets me the most is that in fact today, is the 2nd day of spring.  According to those in the know on Wed March 20th the sun crossed directly over the earth’s equator during a moment known as the ‘vernal equinox’  when both day and night are about equal. This moment marks the official start of the new season.

One thing I can say for sure is that there is no spring here, it made a try but got lost in the cold and snow. We’ve now got till June 21st, officially the first day of summer to sort this out. Updates to follow I guess, yours still very cold,


So what on earth happened to Spring??

ImageImageImageSo last week I thought we had turned a corner here in London, Spring sprung and with it some first signs of colour in the form of snowdrops,crocuses and the first of the cherry blossom. Also, a noticeable change in mood, smiley people as opposed to people tucked in their coats, shuffling as fast as they can out of the cold. Come the weekend, we are back to square one, worse actually. It is so cold that stepping outside the door feels like an Arctic expedition, and much of the country is under thick snow, what on earth is going on? can we have our spring back… please