Is red the new black?

All things red

Funny how black seems to be the benchmark for successful sales. Seems that for a new colour to be considered a seasonal hit, its sales need match up like to like sales of a current or of previous best seller in black.

And whilst we are definitely trying to move away from black being so predominant, no matter how good a colour is, it never quite achieves the same figures as a good black item does.

So now we look at growth patterns, seriously- it’s amazing just how much of a science range reviews have become. Even at the design end of the spectrum I’m constantly having to look at track records of colours and styles before I can ‘put my money’ on what I think will be the ‘next best thing’.

We introduced red into our range just over a year ago, our token statement bag was bright red and the press pounced on it within an hour of previewing it at Scoop International. Yes, a photoshoot that was going live at the show for American publication ‘Cliché Magazine’  homed on to our red Aldwych clutch. Two months later with the publication out and circulating we were starting to feel the love for this colour from both press and bloggers, a clear indication that we were onto something good.




As featured in Cliche magazine







fiona-3As featured in Fifi Baggins blogspot


As featured in Hanna Wintour’s blog


10 months later and our winter 2014 collection has a big  red ‘thing’ going on and not just with press and bloggers but with the buying public. And as for the clothing retailers? Well there is a lot of red around- red dresses, coats, shoes. And the best marketing tool for red? Well, it looks just perfect with, yes you guessed it… BLACK.



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The perfect bag for a Diva

HAPPINESS IS… seeing the beautiful  AILYN PEREZ with her red ‘The Cut’ clutch bag!The fast rising star of the Opera world, Soprano Ailyn Perez  Currently Violetta in The Royal Opera House production of La Traviata and promoting the release of her much awaited duet album with husband Stephen Costello.  Talented, beautiful and sweet she even took a few minutes of time out to pose with her new clutch, our red, Nadia Minkoff London  The Cut/SE1 … thank you, made my day!




Garden jewels

ImageI moaned bitterly about the damp spring we had in London. Summer solstice on June 21st was a wet, cold, dark miserable day and I had just about given up on the notion that we might get a sneak preview of the sun on this island. But the sun did turn up, eventually, in all it’s glory, warm and glowing. With it a wave of optimism, a buzz in the heart of London and to my delight, transformed my garden into a  mass of colour. My back garden has exploded with fruit and veg and thanks to the long nights I am able to make it in time to enjoy a few stolen hours tending my plants and picking my fruit…  which I find almost too beautiful to eat.

Can’t get enough London red


Today is a ‘plan ahead’ day for our autumn/Winter 2013 collection which we launch in London in exactly 4 weeks time.  I guess from the photos I have taken and the mood boards I have put together it’s quite obvious that pillar box Red is a key colour. What can I say? it is lush.