Thumbs up or thumbs down?

catwalk-3 catwalk-1Image

Here they come, hot off the catwalk! Creative people will tell you that beyond making creative choices the biggest test comes when you ‘present’ your choices to the public. Will it be a thumbs up, a thumbs down or quite simply a dead end. So today, our first day at Pure London and I felt my nerves kick in as I approached London Olympia, to the point that I didn’t even go and see the catwalk for myself, just in case it was a thumbs down situation.

Seems the thumbs are pointing up, I got some lovely images sent to me this evening, might even go and see it myself tomorrow. For now I’m sharing some of the photos with you, I am looking forward to tomorrow now.

x Nadia

Before and after…


OK, so today was our set up day at London’s Olympia. With our winter 2013 collection complete it was a case of transforming an empty white shell into a space that says something about us, about our collections and makes buyer (and press alike) want to come closer and have a look. So here are our before and after pics, what do you think???

I’ll let you know how it went down with the press and buyers tomorrow, let’s hope it’s a good one!


Getting ready to rock London


So, this is it two days left before we show our new winter 2013 collection at Pure London, one week left before our catwalk début at London Fashion Week. It’s now a case of ‘what we can’t do’ as opposed to ‘what we can’. Any designer or creative out there will most likely agree with me on this one- no matter how early you start, how many hours you put in and how focused you’s always a last minute struggle and there are always compromises to be made.. the ‘what I can’t finish’ things. Friday and Saturday will be spent getting our stand ready for those all important buyers and on Sunday morning it’s all change.. it’s a ‘what to wear for the opening day?’ and ‘who will turn up today?’ morning. Fingers crossed, our collection will rock London. x Nadia

Of course I will be posting some hot pics and daily reviews, so keep  checking.