Elections, elections or things to do before, during and after…

After months of political wrangling, campaigning and endless pledges, Election Day finally arrived. A serious affair by all accounts, some shall we say took it more seriously than others whilst many of us in the fashion industry saw it as the perfect excuse to party. So this is how we dealt with the elections at Nadia Minkoff London HQ:

1) Tuesday May 6th, pre-election party at Wolf & Badger Notting-Hill. So who will get the vote will it be Wolf or will it be Badger? luca-5



2) Wed May 7th, Election day. OK OK, so I did vote, nice and early despite the fact there was no party that I really wanted to vote for but there were a couple I didn’t want to see voted in.Voting was swiftly followed by a coffee in Le Sable D’or and yet another vote- will it be Croissant or will it be Pain au Chocolat?



3) May 7th, post election and our designer Luca heads off for yet another fashion party in Trendy Dalston and the re-opening of LN-CC shop, minimalist and oh so trendy.



So what did we vote? we voted Black and Orange together with our Kensington clutch. Best result of the day we think!


See you at Wolf & Badger

It may sound like a pub, but it’s not.

Those of you with a passion for fashion may well be familiar with Wolf & Badger but those of you who love fashion and aren’t familiar, definitely need to check them out.

Founded in Notting Hill in 2009, Wolf & Badger promotes and supports only the most exciting independent fashion, jewellery, accessories and interior design brands from the UK and beyond.

Currently stocking some 130+ luxury fashion and accessory brands they are a melting pot of emerging and better known independent designers.

At NM HQ we are thrilled at being part of this fashion hub, showcasing both our bags and new range of bespoke UK made Jewellery, make sure you check us out too!

Semi crescent earrings- Iridescent green 2 Semi crescent earrings-Iridescent Green Statement bib necklace- iridescent green

PIMLICO brown THE CUT black front THE CUT nude front