Happy Eastover!

Hi everyone!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday weekend!
Whether it be Easter, Passover, or just another weekend in quarantine, it’s difficult to be away from friends and family. I am currently quarantined with my parents, which is about as harmonious as a gaggle of 4 year olds playing the recorder, but I am missing my friends and colleagues quite significantly.

What I am most grateful for is that this is happening in 2020, and not during the days of dial up internet and Nokias (though honestly, an unbeatable phone, it could get run over by a tractor and survive). In some ways, I think I’ve spent more time with my people than I would have normally. A little too much probably.

I’ve had movie nights on Netflix Party, played trivia and drawing games on Houseparty, lost at multiple pub quizzes, and baked cinnamon rolls with a friend. I didn’t get to eat any of the cinnamon rolls so it was really quite the tease, but at least the intentions were good.

I read somewhere that instead of calling it “lockdown” or “distancing,” we’re meant to call it “cocooning,” in order to relieve stress the harsher words induce. I’m not sure if the wordplay works, but I’ve found that spending quality, dedicated time with people I care about has made this time so much better.

I’m physically distancing, but I’m more social than ever.

I hope wherever you are, you’re surrounded by people, even if not in person.

Bonus pic of me and my best friend engrossed in a very candid chat.


The tables are turning

Les Aldrich music shop in London’s Muswell Hill had been advertising ‘Record Store day’ for some time.

ImageI was curious to know if it would attract any attention and confess I was somewhat doubtful, I certainly didn’t expect to see a queue of people waiting outside in the early morning hours of Saturday  April 19th  and it seems this continued throughout  the duration of the day.

ImageRecord Store Day, now in its 7th year, is celebrated by independently owned record stores in the UK with special CD and Vinyl releases made exclusively for the day, as well as promotional goods and in-store live gigs and events.


Les Aldrich, who have an expanding CD range (classical, jazz and contemporary) introduced a range of retro looking turntables into their shop several months ago, alongside a whole lot of Vinyl!


ImageIf you can’t find what you want on the shelf they order it for you- from the good old classics, to new mainstream releases and even the darn right bizarre. My latest ( by recommendation of Ed the manager at Les Aldrich)  certainly belongs to the darn right bizarre category ,I’m not even sure how to describe it- Indian mixed  with Jazz and some pretty amazing vocals??  anyway,it’s great,


But whatever the case may be, Vinyl is definitely back, which makes me very happy.  If you’re not familiar with this medium it’s definitely worth checking it out and if you are, it’s definitely worth checking out what’s on offer.