There’s something about that dog..


The wonderful Stephen M, fashion editor, guru, scout and all round lovely person called me today, a quick catch up three weeks after our catwalk. Alwyas excited, always positive he’s a breath of fresh air and his endless enthusiasm is not only infectious but makes me smile- every time. So, the list of publications featuring the catwalk is still steadily rising and for now the interest is far from fading if anything it’s gathering momentum.. every designers dream. As we talk, he forwards me a list of the most recent features, it is impressive. I click on the links and a definite picture is emerging.. our most photographed guest is the pooch in the front row. ‘Stephen’ I say  ‘now we know…if you want to get into Forbes make sure you include some trendy dogs on your guest list!’

Have a great weekend and for those of you fortunate enough to have a lovely dog, were you aware of what a sought after fashion accessory he ( or she ) is ???