Graffiti inspired

This is not my first blog about Graffiti, nor my last I suspect… I really do love it. Wherever I visit round the globe I am intrigued by the art of it and by the social statements that it often conveys. During my visit to London’s Bow area, as written about in my previous post, I was blown away by the graffiti, on walls, on boat houses, on steps, in bars.

Here are some of my favourite, to see them all visit my Graffiti board on Pinterest.







The writing is on the wall

I confess I love Graffiti, even though it’s been sprayed onto a wall, in a public space and shouldn’t really be there. In general I find that most graffiti turns up on walls that could really do with a serious lick of paint, so in fact it really does brighten up some ‘sad’ spaces.

I’ve just returned from a whistle stop visit to Israel and spent most of my time in Jaffa, the oldest part of Tel Aviv, an ancient port city, currently undergoing massive regeneration. Many artists and young ‘trendies’ are now moving into the previously dilapidated buildings. Restoration has been kind to the old buildings, keeping the external façades and improving their condition. It’s also been kind to its mixed Arab and Israeli population and has kept a certain ‘grunge’ factor, which I find very appealing. And as for the graffiti- well, so much graffiti, I loved it,some political, some global, some topical, here are some of my favourites:


Ice cream anyone?


The last supper, previous heads of states and great Jewish thinkers


Loved this one, found it on a garage wall


Beware the giant Armadillo!

I now have a graffiti board on my Pinterest, updating as I go along in my travels and in London. Plenty more Graffiti from Jaffa so pls visit,


Dana’s Blog: Day 6

Hey guys!

Can’t believe it’s been a week already!

Today I worked on the social media for the most part. I added a new board on Pinterest – the graffiti board, which both Nadia and I love. Here’s a really cool picture that Nadia took recently:


I also added many a picture to the Tumblr and Instagram!


Additionally, I reformatted the press release (which I’ve included here!). We took some pictures of the bags over the weekend to include, and I had to make sure all they all fit in nicely with the spacing of the content. The GoogleDoc I included is the final version we’ll use, so do let me know what you think of it.


Here’s one of the pictures of said bag, I absolutely love it. I think it’s a perfect going out bag and you can fit so much into it.


Tomorrow I’ll be sending out the press release to all the magazines directly. Hopefully someone responds!


Have a great day, everyone!