Graffiti inspired

This is not my first blog about Graffiti, nor my last I suspect… I really do love it. Wherever I visit round the globe I am intrigued by the art of it and by the social statements that it often conveys. During my visit to London’s Bow area, as written about in my previous post, I was blown away by the graffiti, on walls, on boat houses, on steps, in bars.

Here are some of my favourite, to see them all visit my Graffiti board on Pinterest.







Where E3 meets E20

London’s E3 district Stratford, commonly known as Bow didn’t quite have the best reputation as far as London postcodes go, in fact quite the opposite. A mixture of run down council estates, tree lined Georgian houses & industrial warehousing, with little night life and not much in the way of fine dining, it wasn’t the code of choice for most although many artists moved in some years back taking advantage of cheaper than average London rental prices and a thriving artist community was established. That is until Stratford was earmarked for re-generation in the wake of the London 2012 Olympics games.

During 2011, in the run up to the London Olympics Royal Mail officially introduced the E20 area code for the Olympic park, which up until then was a fictional postcode created for the long running popular TV soap Eastenders. And so E3 met E20 and the rest as they say is history and still in the making. With its waterways and warehouse style re development, Bow embraced modern urban living, vibrant street culture, great markets, trendy arty folk, intriguing restaurants and great shops. It is a fun and vibrant place to live and pretty cool too, canal boat or canal side, on foot, by bike or by waterbus, modern, converted or run down- the appeal is huge.


E20 firmly on the map




River boat dwelling or river view?

E3-boat-side E3-canal-side

Not to forget the riverboat roof top Vegetable garden!



Fantastic stroll down the Old Ford Locks




With the Olympic Village backdrop




Chilling out at The Cygnet waterside Bar and Bistro







And whilst I loved it and plan on going back many, many times..  in fact this is one postcode which , if given the choice I would quite happily consider moving to, I fully understand the plight of the local artists and dwellers, being pushed out due to the mind blowing increase in rental and property prices.

The Graffiti on the wall summed it all: Rent too high, pants too low!!