So who said you can’t mix business and pleasure?

August is a busy time for me at work and I am not able to take any time off. My solution to a week full of meetings in central London, is mixing work and pleasure. So, here are some of my highlights from last week which includes something delicious I ate: Vietnamese @ Phat Phuc on the Kings Rd followed by Ice Cream at DriDri in the Chelsea farmers markets (and I can’t recommend the salty caramel enough!) Things I bought and want to buy: A stroll through the lovely St Christophers place demands a look in at the Marimekko shop, all of which I would like to buy. A Visit to Nico Didonna in Soho and I know for sure that I want the Stella dress, which colour to go for is more of a problem. The Extra Virgin Minerals range at The Body shop is all you need to keep your face looking fresh for the day and finally, nothing beats a good Cappuccino and I am delighted to say that Tower 47  in Camden is a real find, the perfect combination of fantastic coffee, gorgeous snacks, perfect location, great interior and free live jazz on a Sunday.

Business and pleasure? Any day thank you!

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(but of course, can’t go into central London without having something tasty) things I bought, want to buy and… really want to buy.
The temptations of central London and just too big and too abundant!
Have a great week wherever you are and if it’s a busy one enjoy some little treats along the way, they make all the difference.