Sort my summer 2015 wardrobe out now?… you must be joking/ Nadia Minkoff London for @ Women Talking magazine

With the festive season well and truly over it feels like we are now into the long haul of winter, it’s cold, pretty miserable and the next holiday is several months away. The idea of getting ready for summer 2015 right now might seem quite ridiculous but in fact, it’s not a bad plan. The thing is, now happens to be the perfect time to de-clutter your wardrobe- it’s too cold to be outside, you’ve eaten and drank too much over the holidays and are trying to avoid going out ….Now is the time to sink your teeth into something positive and whilst the sales are still on it is actually a good time to acquire some real ‘keepers’ – you know, the current trends and colours which are carrying straight through to summer.

As a designer, we showed our summer 2015 collection over 6 months ago, in fact at the moment we are completing all our deliveries for summer 2015 and come Feb 1st we will be previewing our Winter 2015 range. The year seems to get shorter and shorter and the seasons are all muddled but on the positive side I have some great inside knowledge of what’s in store for summer 2015, knowledge I am going to share it with you in the hope that it provides some much needed January cheer.

So here goes, my top tips for your summer 2015 keepers:

Give me monochrome-Black & white, monochrome- sounds familiar? Well, it’s a classic but it’s huge again, so any black trousers and any black jackets are most definitely keepers, what you need to invest in is a new crisp white t-shirt or a crisp white top, I like the Julietta top from Hobbs, currently reduced to £26.00



White boots are super cool to go with this look, was anyone brave enough to invest in white boots this winter? If so they are most definitely keepers. And if you are looking to invest how about these white beauties from Aldo


Nude/ blush/shell pink- Call it what you like, this is a big trend that isn’t going away. A Nude top and nice jeans are definitely keepers. A Nude dress with some sheer is an absolute summer must have and if you don’t have one, this one from Mint Velvet ticks all the boxes


Anything red- Red took winter by storm and is continuing through to summer. If your complexion allows then go red all the way- dress, top, jeans… but if you like red in moderation the best way to get it in there is on the accessory side and red handbags are most definitely leading the way – every girls favourite arm candy. So if you have a Red bag it’s a keeper, if you don’t I have to recommend my very own red The Cut bag , currently on sale at Wolf & badger


Other keepers are:
• Jumpsuits- short sleeves, long sleeves, fitted or loose, wear them with your white ankle boots and a belt.
• Khaki is a hot new colour for summer 2015, check out your wardrobes, you must have some Khaki in there from a few years back.
• Natural knits- are big now and carrying through to summer, if you have some that are thin and loosely knitted, team them up with Khaki shorts, or jeans and colour block them with a red bag!


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To have and to hold… musings of a bag lady

I’ve finally got my own regular feature in a magazine I really like, how cool is that? It took me a while to get going, having agreed to the column I suddenly had writers block, followed by prolonged hesitation and a lot of doubt. My monthly feature ‘musings of a bag lady’ is really just that :bags, more bags, accessories, trends and I’m guessing yet more bags! But I hope to share with my readers a mix of ‘inside’ knowledge from the industry and my personal take on what is currently trending and why.

Please have a read through the first one ‘ to have and to hold’ and let me know what you think, would love to have your feedback.

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Nadia Minkoff London, St Johns Wood tote in Navy Blue leather


Win a Nadia Minkoff London, embroidered Kew silk clutch

Win a Nadia Minkoff London, embroidered Kew silk clutch

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Getting ready to love



I know Valentine’s day is a commercial affair , I am well aware that in general any meal you go to on Valentine’s day is expensive and not all that, still… I’m all for making ‘love’ the highlight of the day. I love seeing all the flowers, love all the chocolates and I think we should in fact celebrate it twice a year, why not?

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Win a St Johns Wood leather tote bag and wallet… yes please!!


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