Our late night shopping event is in central London, Thursday 27th 17:30-21:30, together with Nico Didonna so you are covered for: bags, jewellery, ladies wear, men’s wear, men’s shoes… and all at 30% discount plus a nice glass of Prosecco. Looking forward to seeing you there, x Nadia & Nico

Late night Xmas shop

The Magic of Regent Street



Nothing quite as magical as the Christmas lights in London’s Regent Street. A mile-long array of lights,gold holly,red berry garlands and plaques recounting the story of the 12 days of Christmas. Mixed in are well deserved celebratory tributes to the British Olympic and Paralympic teams, it’s been some year in our capital city.

Lights stay on until the 12th night and are well worth a viewing.

A synergy between urban life and rural roots

treeI often go on ( and on) about just how London inspires my work and designs, the cosmopolitan melting pot that it is. Fortunately, us urban Londoners are also blessed with some impressive parks and woodland spaces, a place to go and charge one’s batteries at the weekend no matter the weather. These spaces, teaming with people, dog walkers, runners and the occasional flock of noisy ducks,are a synergy between urban life and rural roots. It’s no wonder we take them so very seriously and that we stamp our urban signature, there, amongst the trees. Christmas is coming, we’ve decorated our streets…we’ve decorated our woods.


Princess style indulgence and why not? it’s that time of year



So this is it, one week to go, I know I’ve been going on about my shopping lists for some 6 weeks now but the fact is- I am still not ready!!!
So I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and dedicate my wish list this week to really lovely, glamorous, princess style indulgence. In white and sparkle, tasty and sweet and darn right decadent and whoever said it’s ‘because you’re worth it’ is absolutely right.

Good luck all with your shopping, preparations and parties, don’t get too stressed, it’s not good for your health .

You can check out all the links for my selection here

x Nadia

And now something for the boys!



So Finally, week 6 of my Christmas shopping research was dedicated to the boys. I entered this with trepidation as I just couldn’t bear the though of gadget, gadget and more gadgets. But, to my pleasant surprise there is so much out there on offer for the boys- absolutely spoilt for choice.So I have split up my wish list into 3: the fun, the practical and the ( un) necessary. You can find all the links to the images on our webpage

Happy browsing ( and shopping)!