The wonders of Tooley St, London SE1

Tooley St in South London connects London Bridge to St. Saviour’s Dock, it’s as exciting as it is long and whichever way you choose to walk down, you’re in for a treat.
Today, was a perfect autumn day in London: unexpectedly warm and beautifully sunny. A work engagement took me down to London Bridge station and a right turn down Tooley St, SE1, the joy! first up, The London Dungeon- I don’t do scary but the entrance to this place is quite something
Next up, the Hayes Galleria and ‘More London’ building
#88 Tooley st is the historic pub ‘The Shipwrights Arms’
Tower Bridge rd was closed for traffic but open for ships! the result: no traffic down one side and an endless queue down the other
The City Hall looked quite spectacular from The Potters FieldsImage

The old Fire Brigade Station is now ‘Brigade’ bar and restaurant


¬†And finally, a glimpse backwards sums up this rd, the marriage of old and new- The old buildings and arches of ¬†London Bridge station and London’s newest ( and tallest) landmark, The Shard