For the love of Blogging




Despite my efforts and good intentions to keep you up to date with our comings and goings in the run up to Christmas I seem to be falling seriously behind schedule… but I am attempting to ensure I catch up by the time Christmas is here , so not long now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the lovely Bloggers who attended the Bloggers Love event earlier this month and spared the time to chat to us and even better, to Blog about us!

Blogging is a ‘common’ practice nowadays, so much so that perhaps those of us who read Bloggs take it for granted.  What might not be so obvious to us readers is the time and effort invested by Bloggers to research, photograph, interview, write, edit, publish and ultimately entertain and inform. One of the best things for me as a designer who interacts with Bloggers regularly is the immense enthusiasm and dedication they posses.. and I have yet to come across a Blogger who is not that way inclined. It’s great building a relationship with a Blogger, each one has a unique handwriting, a different eye, a different perspective and it’s always nice to see their take on our designs.

Here are the all vital links and some great weekend reading for you from the Bloggers Love Hub event… maybe even some good shopping ideas for Xmas.

London Fashion Weeks ends with a real bang at the Bloggers Love event

Some of you may have seen my blog post way back in March  where I was almost a complete novice to the wonderful world of blogging and bloggers.

Well, we’ve come a long way since  and were hoping for a great turn out at the Bloggers Love event on Monday Sept 15th, the icing on the cake on what was already a busy London Fashion Week for us.

The event, held at the Penthouse in London’s Leicester Square was busy, bubbly, enjoyable, inspiring.. in fact it ticked all the boxes and more, so here are some quick snapshots of how our evening unfolded…


When you name is on the main board, and the view over London is that spectacular… you know you are in a good place 🙂



Our corner is ready and the venue is already packed




The catwalk is on, there are some bloggers with pretty impressive manicures and we have a visit from beautiful model and blogger Alisha White



BL-modelAs well as the  beautiful and talented girls from new girl band Vanquish who give us ( well, our bags actually) the thumbs up ( and our very own Sheena joins them)

BL-VanquishFinally it is time for my two girls, Sawako and Sheena to wrap up, what a night!




It’s London Fashion Week again, how quickly did that come round?

Hard to believe it as it only feels like the last one was last month, but London Fashion Week sure enough is here again. We’re having a change of scene this time, NY fashion week is running at the same time and we shall be accessorizing the Nico Didonna show in the big apple. On the London front we are taking part in The Bloggers Love, London Fashion Week event at the Penthouse in Leicester square,  then it is off to Paris. And after this whirlwind, I shall be back at my desk, working on our Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. Yes,the roller-coaster ride of the fashion industry, or maybe I should say the treadmill, on which you have to stay firmly put!




PS any of you bloggers out there wishing to come to the Bloggers Love event pls email with your details,

x Nadia