Welcome to my Geo State

‘clean lines, soft hues and functional details are key to our latest offering of bags and jewellery. Sleek and sophisticated with added zest for good measure’


The Richmond midi in yellow

That time of year again, new season, new collection, new journey. So how did I get here?

As ever, so much thought and time goes into every detail of a new range but at the core it’s always the inspiration that dictates.

So here we go, the ‘final cut’ of my inspiration, my heartbeat which led me from the start and culminated in my very own Geo State.








trellik-tower-london-w10Trellik tower, London W10erica-wakerly-angles-wallpaper



Geometric print box









And so my journey has a happy ending, a Geo state was created, from Geo basics to Geo statements. Made to punctuate and elevate each outfit, each mood and each occasion, finely crafted with a  decidedly modern edge .Come join my state!



The beating heart of creativity

Unrestrained design is the beating heart of creativity, the rest is about ensuring that all the connections running in an out of it function properly.


It’s a hard act running a successful commercial design enterprise with all the disciplines it requires: commercial edge, on trend, well executed, timely, fashionable, desirable, accessible, aesthetically pleasing, easy to merchandise, functional, well priced

Whilst at the other end of the spectrum, right at the core of the business and the seed that got it going in the first place lies a creative with a desire and innate need to let go of commercial constraints and purely enjoy creating.


Over the years (and to my surprise) I discovered that transforming my creative ‘cottage industry’ into a commercial enterprise in itself is a very creative process requiring vision, understanding, awareness, a whole new set of skills, patience and a lot of stamina.

Still, the desire to keep those creative juices flowing, to make something outstanding, bespoke, ‘one off’, not to be repeated, in no way commercial but purely a statement piece is always there.

I know now and can say for a fact that the best way for my company to be at the forefront of commercial design is to regularly create individual pieces with no restraints. I have made it an absolute prerogative of the business to ensure that every few weeks we immerse ourselves in the joy of creating be it for photoshoots, for stylists, for Red Carpet events, for individuals or just for us to enjoy, recharge and to have at our atelier.



Graffiti inspired

This is not my first blog about Graffiti, nor my last I suspect… I really do love it. Wherever I visit round the globe I am intrigued by the art of it and by the social statements that it often conveys. During my visit to London’s Bow area, as written about in my previous post, I was blown away by the graffiti, on walls, on boat houses, on steps, in bars.

Here are some of my favourite, to see them all visit my Graffiti board on Pinterest.







The writing is on the wall

I confess I love Graffiti, even though it’s been sprayed onto a wall, in a public space and shouldn’t really be there. In general I find that most graffiti turns up on walls that could really do with a serious lick of paint, so in fact it really does brighten up some ‘sad’ spaces.

I’ve just returned from a whistle stop visit to Israel and spent most of my time in Jaffa, the oldest part of Tel Aviv, an ancient port city, currently undergoing massive regeneration. Many artists and young ‘trendies’ are now moving into the previously dilapidated buildings. Restoration has been kind to the old buildings, keeping the external façades and improving their condition. It’s also been kind to its mixed Arab and Israeli population and has kept a certain ‘grunge’ factor, which I find very appealing. And as for the graffiti- well, so much graffiti, I loved it,some political, some global, some topical, here are some of my favourites:


Ice cream anyone?


The last supper, previous heads of states and great Jewish thinkers


Loved this one, found it on a garage wall


Beware the giant Armadillo!

I now have a graffiti board on my Pinterest, updating as I go along in my travels and in London. Plenty more Graffiti from Jaffa so pls visit,


Keep an eye out for Hannah Forward!

Christmas seems to arrive earlier every year..yes- I know it doesn’t really but it certainly feels like that to me. No matter how hard I try Christmas shopping seems to get pushed back to near enough the deadline date, which is of course Christmas Eve. This year was no exception, managed to do my food shop weekend before Xmas and my  present shopping the day before Christmas Eve. However… I did manage to get one special Christmas treat, with about 2 weeks to spare, this treat was in fact for me and delights me daily!

I was invited by a close friend to an art show  called ‘Whatever next’ which was held at Mile End art pavilion, if you’ve not visited this venue as yet, it’s certainly worth a visit, London at it’s best, an ultra modern space in the heart of London’s East End. After some festive chit chat I managed to do the rounds and check out the various artists whose work was on display. To my delight, one partition before the end ( it is a large space) I came across a wall of artwork by up and coming illustrator/ print artist Hannah Forward.  Her images of people , walking, talking, sitting, waiting and embracing are all drawn from life. There’s an effortless accuracy and a touch of humor in her work as she observes and documents the crowds to present what is instantly recognizable as a catalogue of life in Britain.  It was hard to choose one print , I wanted several!  Finally,I purchased what I thought was the best of the lot ( of course), Hannah’s woodcut ‘Bus ride to Whitehawk’ (Whitehawk being a suburb in the East of Brighton) Now, installed in my living room wall I’m now thinking which one of her prints to buy next???



‘Bus ride to Whitehawk’ by Hannah Forward