Venue: Cowshed Spa, Primrose Hill

Occasion:  special Birthday treat from a special friend

On the Menu: facial, relaxation, coffee, retail therapy

Bag: The Pimlico clutch in black and beige




Cowshed facials start @£48.00 for a 30 min speedy and £80.00 for the full hour. Treatments rooms are So relaxing, therapists brilliant, products smell and feel so good.

Eat: There’s a great little menu, well prices with tasty snacks. Coffee £3 ,a naughty snack £2 and  then there is always a  Horny Cow Smoothie, if you’re in the mood. It’s most definitely worth taking the time out to enjoy their kitchen and people watch, they are oh so trendy in leafy Primrose Hill!



Product: Your beautician will recommend what you need based on your skin. Cowshed toiletries smell and feel fantastic, highly recommend owning their Cleanser( I recommend Lavender Gentle Cleanser), Toner ( I recommend Chamomile Refreshing Toner) and Body lotion ( I recommend Grumpy Cow uplifting body lotion)  as part of your beauty essentials




One down and three to follow… life in the Fashion circuit

Months of preparation lead to 3 pinnacle days that more or less make or break a season. We may be well versed at the art of prepping for the Fashion shows but each time they seem to come around quicker than expected, each with their own set of problems, always equally nerve racking as they are exciting.

Scoop International at the Saatchi Gallery, our chosen London show, opened its doors to a select group of UK and International buyers on Sunday 31st Jan, offering buyers 3 days of previewing, shortlisting and buying AW2016 collections.

From stand ‘dress rehearsals’ at our studio to public showing, these images capture the essence of what we did, how we did it and what we anticipate to be our stand out ‘leaders’ for winter 2016.

Studio ‘dress rehearsal’ as we pre plan our stand display:


The grand entrance at The Saatchi, red carpet and all, don’t see many like this one:


Beautiful floral display at the registration desk:


Our stand, after a day of pre-show dressing, ready for the opening day:



Our brand new The Brixton back pack was a big favourite:


Smart and right for the Monochrome set, our new The Putney , top handle bag


Decisions, decisions- our new Kate Cocktail ring and cut crystal rings look so good together


Smart and classy in black silk, Flamenco heals and our Cognac The richmond Midi tote

The Richmond cognac


Next up for Nadia Minkoff London? another show at London Fashion Week, an overseas show and INDX (Independent Dept store show). Fashion Circuit or treadmill? We’ll tell you the rest of the details as our season progresses and let you decide.



Our late night shopping event is in central London, Thursday 27th 17:30-21:30, together with Nico Didonna so you are covered for: bags, jewellery, ladies wear, men’s wear, men’s shoes… and all at 30% discount plus a nice glass of Prosecco. Looking forward to seeing you there, x Nadia & Nico

Late night Xmas shop

Is red the new black?

All things red

Funny how black seems to be the benchmark for successful sales. Seems that for a new colour to be considered a seasonal hit, its sales need match up like to like sales of a current or of previous best seller in black.

And whilst we are definitely trying to move away from black being so predominant, no matter how good a colour is, it never quite achieves the same figures as a good black item does.

So now we look at growth patterns, seriously- it’s amazing just how much of a science range reviews have become. Even at the design end of the spectrum I’m constantly having to look at track records of colours and styles before I can ‘put my money’ on what I think will be the ‘next best thing’.

We introduced red into our range just over a year ago, our token statement bag was bright red and the press pounced on it within an hour of previewing it at Scoop International. Yes, a photoshoot that was going live at the show for American publication ‘Cliché Magazine’  homed on to our red Aldwych clutch. Two months later with the publication out and circulating we were starting to feel the love for this colour from both press and bloggers, a clear indication that we were onto something good.




As featured in Cliche magazine







fiona-3As featured in Fifi Baggins blogspot


As featured in Hanna Wintour’s blog


10 months later and our winter 2014 collection has a big  red ‘thing’ going on and not just with press and bloggers but with the buying public. And as for the clothing retailers? Well there is a lot of red around- red dresses, coats, shoes. And the best marketing tool for red? Well, it looks just perfect with, yes you guessed it… BLACK.



For all things red visit  NM loves article and our webshop


The weeks Top Nine

In a week that saw the British summer behave like it really should: rain, followed by the hottest day of the year, followed by hailstones at dawn I chose my inspiring photos to reflect what this week has felt like to me… warm, laid back with beautiful light. Seems the ‘new arrivals’ in the high street  shops reflect this too, soft prints, soft colours, flirty strappy shoes. And for those of you fortunate enough to be in London this month two suggestions:

Must try Nitro ice cream @ the Chin Chin Labs in Camden Lock.

Must see… a ‘staple’ London landmark, the O2, which has now opened its roof to those who want to embark on a 40 minute climb to view this spectacular city from above.

All the important links for the Top nine can be found on our webpage

Whatever you are doing have a chilled August,

X Nadia


Mind the gap or find the gap?

Those of you who’ve visited the London underground have more than likely experienced ‘Mind the gap’, both the announcement and the large text on the edge of the platform. So having been to the G8 conference, which discussed all matters to do with women’s empowerment, (especially in Arab countries following the Arab Spring and in North Africa), my travels through Embankment station took on a whole new meaning. To create change and business do we need to Mind the gap? Find the gap? Or perhaps a little of both? I’ve been pondering about this ever since, my thoughts are telling me that in business it’s vital to find the gap but at the same time necessary to be mindful of it too.

Too long a discussion for my short text, so instead I am sharing with you my Top 9, starting off at The Durbar court, which backs onto Downing Street, the venue of many a government event. It was quite obvious from the event I attended there last week that Nude is the new black, and Nude Louboutin killer heels were definitely the #1 accessory!! The canapés were pretty plentiful (and I love good canapés). And as for finding the gap, if any of you saw The Rolling Stones at Glastonbury I am sure you will agree that after that after 50 years they are still hanging on to their gap.

The details and links of the images are listed on our webpage, have a great week!

X Nadia


Forever denim

ImageFor my weekly ‘wish-list’ I have put together a selection of some of the hottest denim trends currently available on the high st. Quite fantastic how Denim has worked it’s way up from a utility cloth suitable for hard labour to an every day must have which graces some of the top catwalks in the world. And quite rightly so, what would we do without it? For all the links, including a ‘crash-course’ in how to make Denim cushions from the denim you no longer use, check our page

Have a great week. x Nadia

Getting ready to love



I know Valentine’s day is a commercial affair , I am well aware that in general any meal you go to on Valentine’s day is expensive and not all that, still… I’m all for making ‘love’ the highlight of the day. I love seeing all the flowers, love all the chocolates and I think we should in fact celebrate it twice a year, why not?

Our weekly ‘wish list’ is all ‘valentied’ up and you could also win one of our lovely ‘Love hearts’ necklaces, all beautifully wrapped with a personalised card. Just email and let us know who you would like it for and what your card will say, we will be picking the winner on Feb 10th.

If you think feeling Blue is bad for you… think again


My wishlist for this week is a Blue affair. Whilst I love colour, when it comes to clothes I am very much a black kinda girl… I look at colour and end up buying black. Well, seems blue is fast becoming the new black and the good thing is there are just so many shades of blue to choose from. So now I think feeling blue is actually not a bad place to be in at all!

Check out all the details here

Have a great week, no matter the colour,

x Nadia

Energised, Detoxed and in ship shape



New Year, new resolutions… been there, done that and going to go there again… as one does. Can’t do magic diets, don’t really trust them and I am pretty dreadful at following them, so this week I have dedicated my wish list to things that might help on the way. From some great recipes to fantastic sports gear and the must have body-soak. For all the crucial links and recipes visit my webpage

Have a great week, x Nadia