Is red the new black?

All things red

Funny how black seems to be the benchmark for successful sales. Seems that for a new colour to be considered a seasonal hit, its sales need match up like to like sales of a current or of previous best seller in black.

And whilst we are definitely trying to move away from black being so predominant, no matter how good a colour is, it never quite achieves the same figures as a good black item does.

So now we look at growth patterns, seriously- it’s amazing just how much of a science range reviews have become. Even at the design end of the spectrum I’m constantly having to look at track records of colours and styles before I can ‘put my money’ on what I think will be the ‘next best thing’.

We introduced red into our range just over a year ago, our token statement bag was bright red and the press pounced on it within an hour of previewing it at Scoop International. Yes, a photoshoot that was going live at the show for American publication ‘Cliché Magazine’  homed on to our red Aldwych clutch. Two months later with the publication out and circulating we were starting to feel the love for this colour from both press and bloggers, a clear indication that we were onto something good.




As featured in Cliche magazine







fiona-3As featured in Fifi Baggins blogspot


As featured in Hanna Wintour’s blog


10 months later and our winter 2014 collection has a big  red ‘thing’ going on and not just with press and bloggers but with the buying public. And as for the clothing retailers? Well there is a lot of red around- red dresses, coats, shoes. And the best marketing tool for red? Well, it looks just perfect with, yes you guessed it… BLACK.



For all things red visit  NM loves article and our webshop


Life on the endless treadmill

So this morning is the morning after…

Scoop came and went before we could even blink. It took weeks to create, prepare and plan and 3 days after setting up , it was all over.

Still we had a very busy 3 days, low-down as follows:

1)       Pre show day- Saturday is stand set up day. It was all ready to go by 19:00 hrs

photo 21 scoop-display Scoop-overview

2)   Doors opened  to buyers and press nice and early on Sunday, closed at 18:00 and were followed by the Scoop dinner at the Mess restaurant in the Saatchi Gallery. Which, despite the fact it was the football world cup final, had a great turn-up although many people left by 20:30 in order to catch the 2nd half of the match

cod tropical-fruit-salad pea-soup menu

3)      Monday is ‘serious’ buyer day. Department store buyers start doing their rounds on a Monday as they don’t work over the weekend. It was also ‘party’ day, after- show drinks at The Phillips and it was busy, busy, busy , the perfect space for networking and catching up, completely enjoyable


4)      Tuesday was the last day, last days always feel the shortest as you continually countdown to closing time. The buyers seem to be in a panic too, did they manage to see everyone on their list???

scoop-back-rail scopp-jewellery crescent-earrings


Today, first day back at the office after a shpw is catch-up and evaluate day: catching up with all the emails we missed,  catching up with all the post show emails we have to send and of course we need to start thinking about the next show, London Fashion Week in Sept. Yes, life in the fashion world is life on an endless treadmill.


That’s just about it folks..

12 days to go till we show our new Spring Summer 2015 collection at Scoop International, so I am keeping a daily countdown diary to launch- welcome to my world! Problems, solutions, uncertainties, yet more problems and the unexpected in store!


Days 3 & 2

When I started this ‘count down to Scoop’ blog, 12 working days ago , it seemed like I had till forever to get this show ready. But 12 working days creep up on you before you know it and tomorrow our Spring Summer 2015 collection heads on down to the Phillips Gallery so we can set up on Saturday.

In the big scheme of things the lead up has gone better than expected and despite some niggling problems and the issue of getting our goods in (due to the iPhone 6 launch), not only did we get them all, we even got our slimline wallets, which we weren’t supposed to get … and they fit iPhones like a glove.


Happy to see that some of the industry press have selected us as worthy of listing pre-show, featuring our key bags and writing about us:



And as for the dreaded price lists, I don’t like to admit but on time of posting this they are as yet incomplete… it’s going to be a long, long day tomorrow.

x Nadia

Colour, Colour, Colour

12 days to go till we show our new Spring Summer 2015 collection at Scoop International, so I am keeping a daily countdown diary to launch- welcome to my world! Problems, solutions, uncertainties, yet more problems and the unexpected in store!


Day 5

It’s Monday, final pre-show week, still a lot to do but we’re getting there and so far so good.

Today we managed to send the new jewellery range to our German agency,but alas we’re still working on those dreaded price lists… we are going to win.

The Party invite to Press, Bloggers and buyers has gone out, sending out party invites is always a fun thing to do:


Last but not least, we’ve just had delivery of our Kensington clutch bags in the new Spring/Summer 2015 colours. We love, how about you???



Have a great week, x Nadia

In a years time you will be wearing the colour…..???

12 days to go till we show our new Spring Summer  2015 collection at Scoop International, so I am keeping a daily countdown diary to launch- welcome to my world! Problems, solutions, uncertainties, yet more problems and the unexpected in store!

Day 8

The crazy thing about the fashion industry is that you show your new collections a year ahead of time, which means that you are already planning your range about 16-18 months before it hits the shop floor.

I often get asked ‘so how do you know what colours to choose?’  I am sharing with you my latest leather colour chart, lots of beautiful colours, lots of choice and I love colour so… what do I choose???


I’d like to tell you that I am a genius at trend forecasting, I do think that trend forecasting is a strength of mine but I am no genius and I  certainly couldn’t risk screwing up a whole collection and getting it  complexly wrong.

When you think about it, most shops these days- right round the globe, seem to share the same seasonal colour themes from clothing right down to soft furnishing and the answer is of course that there are global trend forecasting agencies, who decided what’s in and what’s out. They are powerful and and we follow suit… kind of like sheep, being part of a pack is safer then sticking one’s neck out.

When recession hit, I stripped back colour, my little brand that used to be known for colour became a brand that ‘specialised’ in brown and black with a hint of metallic gold or silver. It was neat, it was safe but it was really, just a little sad. For Spring summer 2015 I have gone all out colour, strong colours, muted colours , colour blocking, colour trimming. Will it sell? Who knows, I’ve made my own rules on this one and not followed the big trend forecasting guys. For now, I’m excited and hopeful.. let’s hope I feel the same about it after the show, promise to let you know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but!

X Nadia

The launch of the new iphone 6 is a case of having your apple and eating it… plus the menu that could WIN you a new clutch bag

12 days to go till we show our new Spring Summer  2015 collection at Scoop International, so I am keeping a daily countdown diary to launch- welcome to my world! Problems, solutions, uncertainties, yet more problems and the unexpected in store!

Day 10

The email from our shipping agent, Kevin, bought with it some ominous news:

Subject: RE: AIR ship this Fri 27/06

Hi Sawako

Air space is very tight at the moment and the earliest ETA will be Thursday mainly due to iphone 6 launch

Rgds Kevin

I responded immediately:

Subject: RE: AIR ship this Fri 27/06

Oh no, what a disaster! Unfortunately the goods are booked for next Thursday 03/07 and we can’t change it, it’s taken me so long to get the account with this customer back and running that if I am late I will lose it!! Is there really nothing to be done?? and will this be the case for most shipping companies… can’t quite believe what I am reading.

Let me know what you suggest,

Many thanks, Nadia

Kevin replies  :

Hi Nadia

Everyone is facing the same problems but I’ll wait to hear from Dawson tomorrow

See what the airlines are suggesting

 Rgds Kevin

When it came to shipping I thought I had seen it all: strikes, China airports closed due to heavy fogs, winds, volcanic eruptions in Iceland, we even lost cargo to a ship that sank ( no kidding), but this… well I never.. and who am I to compete for space with the mighty apples?

I shrug my shoulders in disbelief, although I’m not one for giving up I know there is nothing I can do, after all who am I ?

I turn my attention to more pleasurable things, on Sunday July 13th, opening night at Scoop I’ll be attending the networking dinner at the Saatchi Gallery, my menu has been sent and I need to email back to confirm what I am ordering.  If you can guess what I have ordered and email my selection to , you could WIN our beautiful Pimlico clutch in red… which btw,for those of you who are getting the new iphone 6- is the perfect bag to carry it in !!

PIMLICO red side


Menu as follows:

First course – (served cold)

Chilled English pea & watercress soup with rose petal cream


Endive salad with Cashel blue, apple and toasted hazelnuts


Main Course

Angus beef burger, served with fries


Roast chicken breast, gnocchi, summer veg and moral veloute


Line caught cod, rainbow chard and cockles


Pumpkin tortellini with butternut squash puree and gorgonzola cream sauce



Chocolate & lavender brulee with raspberries & shortbread


Custard tart, with poached Yorkshire rhubarb


Fresh fruit salad with sorbet


  • Half bottle red or white wine
  • Tea/coffee

Happy guessing and happy weekend, I will update you on Monday and notify the winner, so you have little time, better get emailing

X Nadia


So sorry, but my bag is seriously unwell

12 days to go till we show our new Spring Summer  2015 collection at Scoop International, so I am keeping a daily countdown diary to launch- welcome to my world! Problems, solutions, uncertainties, yet more problems and the unexpected in store!

Day 11

I hope that those of you who’ve seen our Portobello shopper and those of you  who own one, will agree it’s fair enough to say that this bag has been our best seller for the past 2 season for a good reason. Firstly- you can’t manage without a tote bag, it’s a lifeline,( trust me on that one, if there is one thing I know it is handbags). Secondly, our Portobello with it’s neat external proportions also has an internal secret weapon: a detachable internal pouch- yep, this pouch keeps all your ‘must have’ valuables and necessities neatly compartmentalised, zipped up and safe, leaving the sides of the bag free for stuffing in newspapers, books and even your lunch.  It’s also multi-functional, you can take the pouch out, use it as a wash bag, put it in another bag…. It’s the beating core of this bag, it’s the heart.

PORTOBELLO red interior


We launched our Portobello in black and Cyan blue for summer 2104, then introduced a vintage brown and a red version and for winter 2014. And as for our new Summer 2015 collection? Well it was time for what we call in the industry a ‘move-on’ , which basically is an update of a bestseller. Now I’ve been really waiting for these ‘move-on’s ‘to arrive because these bags are really my kind of bag. And the good news is they have arrived and they are beautiful, made of the softest leather, lazer cut to perfection, beautifully assembled and of refined proportions… love at first sight!!



Whilst I remove the internal stuffing I find out my bag is missing its heart- where on earth is the internal pouch?  Stuffing out and my bag collapses… my bag is seriously unwell, ouch!

Quick conversation with the factory and they apologise for the malfunction,  an oversight it appears, a bag with no heart and less than 2 weeks to go till show time. I schedule it for urgent ‘surgery’ I hope to have it in full functioning order come July 13th.

And as for the rest of the days ‘screw –ups’ ( oh yes, you didn’t think we had just the one did you?) how about:

  • The shipment of earring settings that arrived without the jump rings, which in essence means we can’t assemble the earrings… dah
  • Or maybe the wallets, which didn’t arrive and won’t be arriving… factory thought it would be ok to make them later. Later as in after the show has ended!! Why they came to that conclusion I will never understand.


Tomorrow is photoshoot day, I will be shooting our new lookbook with Nico Didonna, reporting to you live and will blog when the day is done! X Nadia

12 days to lift off… uurgh, that bloody bib necklace!

I now have 12 working days left officially till we show our new Spring Summer  2015 collection at Scoop International, so I am keeping a daily countdown diary to launch- welcome to my world! Problems, solutions, uncertainties, yet more problems and the unexpected in store!

I confess that for all my years of experience and despite my best efforts, my collection always ends up being completed on the last day and I am not joking…. samples always turn up late, costings are not finalised as a result, last minute changes need to be done, it’s as stressful as it gets . We’ve had times when with 2-3 days to go we were left wondering if we are actually going to have a new collection ready to show at all???

This time however… I have already received just about my entire bag collection as well as the balance and new additions of my Swarovski beads and as such the jewellery collection is also just about complete too.  Still, I am thinking ‘surely this can’t be right, seems far too peaceful’.

So on today’s agenda??  Sort out the problem of the blasted statement bib!!

For our AW14 catwalk, our designer Karla made up some great glass bib necklaces, a modern take on an Ancient Egyptian look- they went down a hit with press and public alike and I decided to introduce them into the mix of our SS15 collection.

statement bib in crystal and pearl



Beads in, pearls in, fittings in and we were ready to rock n roll.   Karla, our designer is currently on maternity leave and has been replaced by Sheena, who was left to figure this necklace out.  She copied the original sample bead for bead-  but just couldn’t get it to hang right!! Uurghh- so frustrating!! Trust me, these bibs are time consuming and fiddly to say the least. Having made them up 3 times now and then taken apart 3 times, Sawako our merchandiser decided that maybe we should just throw in the towel and give them up. But I don’t give up that easy, thank god neither does Sheena and we think we’ve worked out the problem… we now think that the thin wire, used on the top part and known as memory wire was in fact thin memory wire used for bracelets and earrings and not the memory wire used for necklaces…. So we’re trying again…4th time round and we’re hoping to be 4th time lucky. Memory wire arrived in the post today and we now wait with baited breath to see if Sheena can finally, finally sort this one out and’ lay it to bed’ so to speak. I will update tomorrow, rest assured!

cd12a cd12b cd12ccd12e


It’s a Scoop!

Finally, an opportunity to put pen to paper( or digits to keyboard), can’t quite believe I haven’t done so since the New Year but… having launched an all new website and completed our new winter 2014 collection which previewed at Scoop International this week, I guess there is some justification to my ‘blog absence’. And what’s the Scoop for winter 2014?? well- according to our gospel at Nadia Minkoff London it is a palette of grey- deep purple- black with some brown undertones. Key shapes are still totes- large, small and bucket shaped. Oversized slouchy clutch bags are still ‘de-riguer’ ( meaning a must have , as our French friends would have us know) , teamed up with a bib statement necklace and a nice pair of earrings- winter 2014 sorted!!!

So here goes, a sneak preview for you, my blog friends!