Happy Eastover!

Hi everyone!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday weekend!
Whether it be Easter, Passover, or just another weekend in quarantine, it’s difficult to be away from friends and family. I am currently quarantined with my parents, which is about as harmonious as a gaggle of 4 year olds playing the recorder, but I am missing my friends and colleagues quite significantly.

What I am most grateful for is that this is happening in 2020, and not during the days of dial up internet and Nokias (though honestly, an unbeatable phone, it could get run over by a tractor and survive). In some ways, I think I’ve spent more time with my people than I would have normally. A little too much probably.

I’ve had movie nights on Netflix Party, played trivia and drawing games on Houseparty, lost at multiple pub quizzes, and baked cinnamon rolls with a friend. I didn’t get to eat any of the cinnamon rolls so it was really quite the tease, but at least the intentions were good.

I read somewhere that instead of calling it “lockdown” or “distancing,” we’re meant to call it “cocooning,” in order to relieve stress the harsher words induce. I’m not sure if the wordplay works, but I’ve found that spending quality, dedicated time with people I care about has made this time so much better.

I’m physically distancing, but I’m more social than ever.

I hope wherever you are, you’re surrounded by people, even if not in person.

Bonus pic of me and my best friend engrossed in a very candid chat.


From inspiration to presentation

After months of preparation the first showing of our Spring/Summer 2017 collection kicked off during Scoop & the City, held at The Old Billingsgate Market mid-July.

Having drawn our inspiration from London, from nature and from living a life of handbags & jewellery, with a clear vision and complete conviction we finalised our range, instructed and waited for the samples to arrive.





It was a painful wait, because the bulk of the samples just didn’t turn up and as the deadline drew closer… a week closer, 5 days closer, 3 days closer we were beginning to doubt our chances.

With 2 days to go, the samples arrived, last minute is far from ideal but it’s a whole lot better than a ‘no show’.



I often wonder, once the stand is all set and the show opens its doors to buyers and press if anyone really knows the true trials from inspiration to presentation.





It was a great show, the new collection was much admired, new orders, new contacts, old contacts renewed. Circle closed, now we go from presentation to new inspiration.

One down and three to follow… life in the Fashion circuit

Months of preparation lead to 3 pinnacle days that more or less make or break a season. We may be well versed at the art of prepping for the Fashion shows but each time they seem to come around quicker than expected, each with their own set of problems, always equally nerve racking as they are exciting.

Scoop International at the Saatchi Gallery, our chosen London show, opened its doors to a select group of UK and International buyers on Sunday 31st Jan, offering buyers 3 days of previewing, shortlisting and buying AW2016 collections.

From stand ‘dress rehearsals’ at our studio to public showing, these images capture the essence of what we did, how we did it and what we anticipate to be our stand out ‘leaders’ for winter 2016.

Studio ‘dress rehearsal’ as we pre plan our stand display:


The grand entrance at The Saatchi, red carpet and all, don’t see many like this one:


Beautiful floral display at the registration desk:


Our stand, after a day of pre-show dressing, ready for the opening day:



Our brand new The Brixton back pack was a big favourite:


Smart and right for the Monochrome set, our new The Putney , top handle bag


Decisions, decisions- our new Kate Cocktail ring and cut crystal rings look so good together


Smart and classy in black silk, Flamenco heals and our Cognac The richmond Midi tote

The Richmond cognac


Next up for Nadia Minkoff London? another show at London Fashion Week, an overseas show and INDX (Independent Dept store show). Fashion Circuit or treadmill? We’ll tell you the rest of the details as our season progresses and let you decide.


Running up that hill

Just a day left before the year is over and as I sit at my desk, reviewing 2015, the enormity of what we have done over the past 12 months is quite staggering. So much so that I am really not sure where to begin.

I guess I may as well start with the highlight of the year, which was winning the runner up Award for ‘Most Enterprising business’ from the Federation of Small Businesses.


Being nominated was exciting enough, celebrating on the night with my motley crew was great, winning felt like having my cake and eating it.  Before the night ended, changes were heading our way that are now forming the backbone for an interesting and new journey that we at Nadia Minkoff London have already begun.  Recognition for fashion from the financial sector is never easy to get, nor one to be taken lightly and I am very proud and excited that we have been given the opportunity to work and be mentored by none other than Grant Thornton. Who said number crunching, spreadsheets and forecasts aren’t creative? They are, very much so!

We’re also up for the Dot London Award, in the ‘best lifestyle’ category. The awards will be held at the new Savoy Place, hosted by Katie Derham.  River views all round, entrepreneurs, dragons and investors, at the ready.

Nadia Minkoff London

Thank you to all those who voted for us, votes close on Jan 8th and if you still want to vote for us pls do so by following this link , find us in the ‘Independent lifestyle retailer’ category.

 Some of our other highlights for 2015 have been:

  • With the help of stylist Charlene Campbell we made the Christmas issue of OK magazine


  • The lovely Aizak Buyondo styled our jewellery as only Aizak could and made our day


  • Beautiful Opera star Aylin Perez wore our Shard necklace for her Grand Finale at the Dallas Opera house and Nancy Dell’olio stepped out for her West-End stage debut wearing one of our ‘one-off’ necklaces




  • We have partied, yes- a lot of parties, too many to attend all but we did quite well!


  • We’ve exhibited at Scoop London and INDX and opened new doors across the UK


  • We have had so much support from the Blogging community across the globe, all of which can be found on our website. Thank you Bloggers, we love you!


We’ve held events at Liberty London and have seen our designs become best sellers at some of the leading UK multiples who we supply



But most of all, we have loved it all, even if we are forever running up that hill!

Wishing you all a successful, healthy, happy and especially peaceful 2016, from us all at Nadia Minkoff London.




See you at Wolf & Badger

It may sound like a pub, but it’s not.

Those of you with a passion for fashion may well be familiar with Wolf & Badger but those of you who love fashion and aren’t familiar, definitely need to check them out.

Founded in Notting Hill in 2009, Wolf & Badger promotes and supports only the most exciting independent fashion, jewellery, accessories and interior design brands from the UK and beyond.

Currently stocking some 130+ luxury fashion and accessory brands they are a melting pot of emerging and better known independent designers.

At NM HQ we are thrilled at being part of this fashion hub, showcasing both our bags and new range of bespoke UK made Jewellery, make sure you check us out too!

Semi crescent earrings- Iridescent green 2 Semi crescent earrings-Iridescent Green Statement bib necklace- iridescent green

PIMLICO brown THE CUT black front THE CUT nude front

How we venture to pastures new

Globalisation of a brand is such a difficult thing when you run a small to medium size business. Apart from deciding on a clear strategy of where you want to be placed , the financial expenditure on pastures new is large, somewhat risky and certainly not to be taken lightly.

Working with agents in foreign lands is a great solution and over the years I have worked with many, in many countries. Some successful, some less, it was a good way of getting a ‘foot in the door’ so to speak and a great way to establish new markets with insider knowledge and without crippling expenditure.

Things have changed, being an agent used to be a great job, but alas these day… it’s tough and more often than not-without sufficient financial rewards . If you are a travelling sales person, fuel , hotel and food bills mount up quickly- you need to be taking a lot of firm order at a short period time to make the travelling pay off, easier said than done. If you work from a showroom it’s all about the brands you attract for your portfolio and of course it’s all about the triple ‘L’- Location, Location, Location- beautiful, central showrooms are hard to find and cost the earth.

In the UK it feels like agents and showrooms have all but disappeared-it used to be that at a Fashion trade fair such as London Fashion Week or the Paris pret, we were inundated with cold calls from agents looking to discuss our brand for their territory. These days, in our UK shows we hardly ever get approached by a single agent, where have they all gone?

But agents and agencies still exist, in some countries more than others and I genuinely believe that as long as you start off on an even footing, both parties looking to support the other with the objective to grow, albeit taking small measured steps- it’s a recipe for success.

I have been looking closely at Germany and Scandinavia as two new potential markets for Nadia Minkoff London, in fact I have been looking at these territories for just over 2 years ( yes- I am a slow mover).

Eventually I decided, my decision was to aim for Scandinavia to start off with and with that said.. I  got an offer  I couldn’t refuse from an agency in Germany- how the cookie crumbles!

Having signed the agency agreement and sent out our collection a couple of weeks ago this week is the first real ‘test’,  we’ve collaborated to show at the GDS fair in Dusseldorf. So far so good, everything got there, the stand was set, our lovely agent Annette is at the helm, making sure it all runs smoothly and looks the part!  It’s the last day of the show today, next week we shall be reviewing it together and plotting the next steps- exciting times.




Mania Mia

12 days to go till we show our new Spring Summer 2015 collection at Scoop International, so I am keeping a daily countdown diary to launch- welcome to my world! Problems, solutions, uncertainties, yet more problems and the unexpected in store!


Day 4


Today I am really feeling the pressure, no time to think, no time to write, very little time left now for our show , apart from which we have so many other deadlines to meet. Not complaining, happy to be busy, but my usual calm is feeling slightly rattled I confess.

So instead of a low down on today I share with you some images just received from one of my favourite shops and luckily stockist, Mania Mia based in London’s New Kings Road. A happy hunting ground for anyone who is lucky enough to be able to visit. I think our bags were made for this shop, I really do.

ACA_6886 ACA_6892 ACA_6913 ACA_6924 ACA_6931 ACA_6944

It’s pouring with rain in London.. British summer after all I guess,

x Nadia

From catwalk to high street

It must be obvious by my lack of posts since our London Fashion Week catwalk that I’ve just not had the time to write, so much so that I actually feel like I have writers block today when in fact- I have so much to say!

The press have been very kind to us this time round, we are loving the attention and the interest which, we seem to be receiving daily, our press page for Sept is nice and full and October looks very promising too!

But the nicest part of it all, as a designer, is seeing how our catwalk creations translate from the runway to the high street. At Nico Didonna’s shop you can now treat yourself ( and yes, it is a treat) to one of his amazing catwalk creations complete with our Nadia Minkoff London accessories.  One of the oldest and most established UK brands have bought some of our  catwalk statement pieces for their stores, soon to hit their shelves.It’s a real move for them from very classy to very trendy!

We are currently working on a range of bespoke catwalk inspired pieces, very glamorous but we think timeless for a fantastic new  website. And our on website is getting ready to embrace our AW2013 range including a whole section of our catwalk one off’s!

That said, our next LFW catwalk is scheduled to take place in Feb 2014, so work on our Winter 2014 collection will start in earnest by the end of this month. Always one step ahead, that’s the name of the game.


Photos: Nico Didonna AW13 collection with Nadia Minkoff London accessories

A real Scoop!

Just got back to the office having shown at Scoop International situated at the Saatchi and Phillips Galleries. The idea being to showcase upcoming and established top-end brands in a beautiful setting , surrounded by contemporary art. However good this sounds on paper, it was so much better in reality and despite it’s international mix this show finally highlights just how cool and forward thinking London is and is a credit to its founder Karen Radley.  I’m hoping that some of my ‘diary’ images below reflect the overall feel and the great attention to detail. We can’t wait to show again and will be updating you on some of the wonderful shops that will now stock the new Nadia Minkoff London collection.

ImageWelcome to Scoop International at the Phillips Gallery

ImageThe beautiful gallery space

ImageThe Nadia Minkoff London space

ImageLive photoshoot taking place during the day

ImageMeringue anyone?

ImageGoing from one gallery to the other? hope into a Scoop rickshaw (complete with cute driver!)

Virgin Atlantic + Nadia Minkoff = Olympic Gold

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Launched on the 1st of this month, the new Virgin Atlantic Retail Therapy inflight magazine not only features 3 items from my jewellery collection for sale onboard but they have also included a fab little write up about me!

I have created a special edition London jewellery set featuring a London Eye charm necklace with a matching charm bracelet and VA is also carrying my cute little Tea & Cake necklace too.

I am over the moon to be selected again for this collection and to be a featured designer in their Olympics special editorial section feels as like I have won a Gold Medal at the Olympics.

Be sure to check out the award-winning inflight magazine next time you are onboard and be sure to pick up your own special edition set.