The quiet before the storm or the storm before the storm?

So that’s it, tomorrow afternoon, at 13:00 hrs ( and probably not precisely knowing what the fashion world is like) I’ll be presenting out new Spring Summer 2014 collection at London Fashion Week with Nico Didonna.

Are we ready? yes we are! Trust me, that in itself  is a big achievement , past experience taught me that one is usually  still making last minute adjustments and repairs on the day. I’ve been remarkably calm all week and all day.. even if I can now publicly confess that the new catwalk bags were only completed this morning… however, now that we are packed and good to go, I feel incredibly nervous. So I’m guessing that my ‘quiet before the storm’ was in fact a case of ‘the storm before the storm’

Well  hopefully I will break the proverbial leg and all that and by tomorrow evening I should have some fantastic photos of the event to show off with, so watch this space.

Good weekend to all, x Nadia





Last chance to win a ticket for you+1 for our London Fashion Week catwalk, which will be held in central London on Sept 14th at 13:00, is Wed 11th at midday!
Just email with your name and your friends name or tweet us @NadiaMinkoff , hurry!!

There’s something about that dog..


The wonderful Stephen M, fashion editor, guru, scout and all round lovely person called me today, a quick catch up three weeks after our catwalk. Alwyas excited, always positive he’s a breath of fresh air and his endless enthusiasm is not only infectious but makes me smile- every time. So, the list of publications featuring the catwalk is still steadily rising and for now the interest is far from fading if anything it’s gathering momentum.. every designers dream. As we talk, he forwards me a list of the most recent features, it is impressive. I click on the links and a definite picture is emerging.. our most photographed guest is the pooch in the front row. ‘Stephen’ I say  ‘now we know…if you want to get into Forbes make sure you include some trendy dogs on your guest list!’

Have a great weekend and for those of you fortunate enough to have a lovely dog, were you aware of what a sought after fashion accessory he ( or she ) is ???

Crowd watching at the catwalk

ImageImageImageImageWell, it feels like I have been off the radar for ages now, no posts for over a week!! I guess you can never tell the impact of a major event till it’s well and truly over. So my big event, the London Fashion Week catwalk with Nico Didonna was a whirlwind of frantic preparation and last minute amendments. And on the night? well, it just couldn’t have gone better, one of those nights were everything slots into place and it all works out great. Since then I have been ‘recovering’, having some quiet time, re-charging my batteries in preparation for yet another season. So here are some of my crowd pics for you ( and our curtain call). As you can imagine, we had a fantastically eclectic crowd ( well, you would expect that from London Fashion Week)  we even had some very trendy and very well behaved fashionista pooches!

Friday is catwalk day!


So this is it, Friday 15th and our début catwalk this evening in collaboration with Nico Didonna. Wow, talk about an adrenaline rush and the anticipation is just about killing me.. is the press going to turn up as expected?are they going to like it? are the buyers going to turn up and like it? are my personal guests going to turn up and like it? have we got it right? are we going to managed to dress up the models during the scene changes with no major drama’s??  Well, at least we are all prepared, with our accessories neatly sorted by groups and scenes.  So,bring it on I say!

Post show pics and comments to follow, don’t worry, whatever the outcome I’m going to be telling you all about it.

x Nadia

Thumbs up or thumbs down?

catwalk-3 catwalk-1Image

Here they come, hot off the catwalk! Creative people will tell you that beyond making creative choices the biggest test comes when you ‘present’ your choices to the public. Will it be a thumbs up, a thumbs down or quite simply a dead end. So today, our first day at Pure London and I felt my nerves kick in as I approached London Olympia, to the point that I didn’t even go and see the catwalk for myself, just in case it was a thumbs down situation.

Seems the thumbs are pointing up, I got some lovely images sent to me this evening, might even go and see it myself tomorrow. For now I’m sharing some of the photos with you, I am looking forward to tomorrow now.

x Nadia

Getting ready to rock London


So, this is it two days left before we show our new winter 2013 collection at Pure London, one week left before our catwalk début at London Fashion Week. It’s now a case of ‘what we can’t do’ as opposed to ‘what we can’. Any designer or creative out there will most likely agree with me on this one- no matter how early you start, how many hours you put in and how focused you’s always a last minute struggle and there are always compromises to be made.. the ‘what I can’t finish’ things. Friday and Saturday will be spent getting our stand ready for those all important buyers and on Sunday morning it’s all change.. it’s a ‘what to wear for the opening day?’ and ‘who will turn up today?’ morning. Fingers crossed, our collection will rock London. x Nadia

Of course I will be posting some hot pics and daily reviews, so keep  checking.

Pure Success

It has been a busy few days for us at the Pure London Show and I promise to update you more this week…. but I just wanted to share a photo of the Nadia Minkoff London booth.

We are thrilled with the reaction of guests and visitors so far, and so delighted to see our
bags featured on the catwalk.

I will show you photos of the catwalk as soon as I receive them as we are not allowed to take our own photos in there!

More soon… off to a day full of meetings! Wish me luck!

Nadia x

Getting ready for Paris!

It’s one fashion show after another at the moment!

Following a great week at London Fashion Week’s Regenerate Japan event in London’s Soho, I am now busy preparing for Paris this coming weekend.

I will be showing once again at the fabulous ever The Box, located at Pavillon Cambon, 46 rue Cambon, 75001 Paris with my SS2012 collection.

Getting organised for the shows takes so much time. Samples need to be chosen and ordered, displays need to be designed, and not to mention negotiating the actual spaces at the events. But it is all worth it and I love doing the shows.

I am very happy to say we have a great location at The Box this year. We are at stand C26.

I am really looking forward to meeting with some great clients and of course, always looking to meet some new ones too.

So, from London straight to Paris and then after that it is off to Germany – but that’s another story and I’ll update you on that soon!