Out with the old, in with the new

New Year’s day feels like a day in limbo, not quite over last year, not yet started this year and for many a day of being completely hung- over and realizing that the holidays are done and the hard slog starts in earnest in just a few days’ time… just when we were getting used to chilling out.

I know us Brits are known for discussing the weather, continually as a matter of fact, but the weather in London in the run up to Christmas was as changeable as the time of year and far from what you would have expected. So whilst parts of England were under a thick blanket of snow, us Londoners were treated to crisp blue skies, bright sunny days and ice so thick at night that it turned London into a white wonderland. No doubt the plants in my garden felt the pinch, but even so they looked fantastically beautiful in the bright day light as they thawed , releasing thick plumes of vapour.

It’s cold, windy and miserable outside today, it really is,the frost is over and the plants seem to have survived the ordeal. So here’s hoping that all of us will ‘survive’ the ‘ordeal’ that is 2015, in fact here’s hoping that we all ace it. Happy New Year to all, may it be a good, happy, healthy and successful one.

X Nadia

frost 2

frost 3

frost 5


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