To have or to delay, is that the question?



This week, two top London firms have advised they would consider following in the footsteps of Facebook and Apple by giving female staff the opportunity to delay starting a family (by paying up to US$20,000) for them to freeze their eggs.The argument being that anything that enables women to have more control over the timing of their ‘biological clocks’ is going to be helpful to professional women, these companies suggest they are giving them more control over their careers.

No doubt this option doesn’t guarantee a successful pregnancy or motherhood in the future, but it does give another option for those wanting to place motherhood on hold.

You could argue that finally there is liberation for career minded women who previously would have had to either give up their jobs because time had ran-out or opted to give up on having a family altogether.

But does this really solve the problem or just delay it?  Is this really the new face of gender equality or a very clever move to ensure the cream of the work force stay working?

I am having a hard time getting my head round this very bold of moves and can’t help but wonder if in actual fact this ‘perk’ would result in added pressure for female employees? Up until now mum or dad telling you to get on with having a family was pressure, so just how much pressure would you be under if in your mid 20’s -early 30’s your boss would lead you to believe the correct thing to do in order to be professional is to delay childbirth and freeze your eggs?

I’m curious to know what you make of it all are you for? against? indifferent? male or female it would be great to have your thoughts.

Have a good weekend,



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