The stillness within

Swarovski launch events admittedly are one of the perks of my job. They are always hosted in a beautiful location and I feel like I am surround by boxes of sweets, which are in fact containers full of sparkly crystal- as beautiful as sweets without the guilt factor.



I am always curious to see their trend forecasts and even curious to know which one will grab me the most in terms of colours, shapes and the philosophy behind it.

The key trends this time certainly reflected the signs of the times, those visible to the eye and those obvious to the soul.

As for me, finding my favorite key trend, this time  it was a no brainer. ‘The stillness within’ grabbed me immediately. The philosophy behind it?  ‘the cracks are beginning to appear in our ‘always on’ world’.  The idea being that having become complete slaves to technology we are now looking to reverse the damage. A need to reclaim our space, to be alone, to ‘shut down’, to have time away from gadgets, social media and technology.

The keywords being:  retreat, escape, unplug, simplify, tranquillity.

The colour pallete- right up my street- neutrals, opalescent whites, hints of blue and shards of grey. Frosty but sparkly.







Now I just need some time out to decide what I am going for and to put our new winter 2015 range together!

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