Time to get creative with Liberty London

I’ve had a long an enjoyable history with Liberty London and taking part in their ‘get creative’ event last week felt like coming full circle.

Whilst doing my BA in fashion, I landed a weekend job at Liberty London, which had been my favourite London store from a young age, I had always dreamt of working there.

When I set up my accessory business, Liberty was a prime target for me and I did in fact get listed and sold my creations in both Liberty London as well as the other Liberty stores which were dotted up and down the UK. It was a great outlet and one I was very proud of.  During the 1996 recession Liberty closed its nationwide stores , scaled down its London foothold concentrating on it’s renowned London Tudor façade store on the corner of Regent St and Great Marlborough street, ensuring it was still a prime destination for those visiting London and purveyors of fine taste.

When the buying team at Liberty contacted me recently to see if I would be interested helping out with their new ‘flowers of Liberty’ accessories range, I was of course delighted- some old flames never die I guess, I  certainly still love that store with a passion.

On Friday October 4th, together with my two assistants Sawako and Sheena, we set out to ‘get creative’ on the shop floor. The idea being that for that afternoon, we would accessories any bracelet or necklace purchased from the range with a variety of Nadia Minkoff London charms and we were fortunate enough to be sponsored by  Swarovski Elements with beautiful beads and pearls.

Much enjoyed by both parties, being the lucky ladies who got to personalise their charm trinkets and us- who enjoyed the direct contact, feedback and the beauty of the store- it was joyous afternoon and we look forward to doing it again, in the very near future.

Some photos we took on the afternoon to follow, you can also check out what Liberty made of it all in The Liberty Blog












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