Anyone who told you that the fashion business is a treadmill that you daren’t step off once you got on, knew what they were saying and trust me, they were not exaggerating.

Fashion designers seem to ‘live’ a year ahead of the general public, when it’s summer we are busy showing next year’s winter collection. And during the winter, it’s next summer for us.

The pinnacle of the season for those of us lucky enough is a catwalk during fashion week, our 10 minutes of glory, which can often make or break a season. Months of preparation condensed into some 10-20 minutes of baring our all in front of guests and press and whatever stress goes on behind the scenes- upfront it’s a sea of calm.

Happy to say my collaboration with London designer Nico Didonna continues to evolve, as does our friendship. In fact I can honestly say that this friendship and trust is what makes it bearable, exciting and ultimately successful. For the past 3 seasons we showed together at London Fashion Week but this season Nico was invited to present his new Winter 2015 collection in New York & Philadelphia and we joined the ride.

I could say a lot about the clothing and the accessories, too much in fact but I think it’s fair to say that the emphasis was on glamour, curves and sparkles….Hollywood in a nutshell!


Fitted long Jersey dress with thigh high slit by Nico Didonna,  teamed up with our crescent statement earrings available from Wolf & Badger 



Wool trousers and draped jersey top by  Nico Didonna, teamed up with our statement crescent earrings available from Wolf & badger 



Draped evening dress by Nico Didonna teamed up with our Hex Earrings 










Statement statement, draped evening dresses by Nico Didonna  with our catwalk exclusive Swarovski crystal statement necklaces



Draped jersy shift dress and tailored jacket, by Nico Didonna, teamed up with our Belgravia clutch bag 

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