Live Bohemian, why not?

A few weeks ago I did a photoshoot in London, not far from North London’s Islington, on the Regent canal.

The studio, set in an old canal- side warehouse which had been converted into offices and studios occupied part of the 2nd floor, a lovely urban space with a Bohemian ‘twist’.


Its four creative occupants: 2 photographers, a commercials director and a fine artist converted their workspace into a living space, with the use of a single wood cutting saw , imagination and co-operation.

To ensure the main space was free to use as a photographic studio they built 4 pods, a private room for each one of them.  The pods were made from woodchip boards and placed on castors, they can be moved at a push leaving the entire central space free.


Next the kitchen, once again with the help of ‘The saw’ a partition shelving unit,  dining table and benches were made from reclaimed wood.


On the main wall, compartments housing cameras, lenses, and lights and at the far end ‘an office’ with canal side views of course.

(The original space already had a toilet and shower room).

bh-cameras bh-canalside-view bh-studio-space bh-the-office

And as for ‘The saw’, it has been framed and takes pride of place on the main wall close to the entrance.


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