Nothing quite beats a good blogger

Over the past few years we’ve worked with some great bloggers, some we have collaborated with now and them and some have just become part of our team. As advertising prices grew, deciding where to put your money for maximum effect was becoming more and more difficult. Bloggers come with their own handwriting, you know instantly if it’s right for your brand or not, it’s the aesthetics they project that makes it immediately obvious to you if working with them will or won’t work.

Blogging isn’t free,some charge and all expect to be gifted but you are guaranteed a ‘full page’ spread, write up and a visual angle which is uniquely theirs. It’s a refreshing insight into how an individual perceives your wares- what they combine them with, how they photograph them, what they say, suggest and like about it. In fact, if anyone asks me now advertising re blogging, I would recommend blogging most definitely.

To view some of our previous blogs, visit our press page.

For this weeks favourite visit fifibaggins blogspot

fiona-1 fiona-2 fiona-3


Great weekend to all x Nadia


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