Life on the endless treadmill

So this morning is the morning after…

Scoop came and went before we could even blink. It took weeks to create, prepare and plan and 3 days after setting up , it was all over.

Still we had a very busy 3 days, low-down as follows:

1)       Pre show day- Saturday is stand set up day. It was all ready to go by 19:00 hrs

photo 21 scoop-display Scoop-overview

2)   Doors opened  to buyers and press nice and early on Sunday, closed at 18:00 and were followed by the Scoop dinner at the Mess restaurant in the Saatchi Gallery. Which, despite the fact it was the football world cup final, had a great turn-up although many people left by 20:30 in order to catch the 2nd half of the match

cod tropical-fruit-salad pea-soup menu

3)      Monday is ‘serious’ buyer day. Department store buyers start doing their rounds on a Monday as they don’t work over the weekend. It was also ‘party’ day, after- show drinks at The Phillips and it was busy, busy, busy , the perfect space for networking and catching up, completely enjoyable


4)      Tuesday was the last day, last days always feel the shortest as you continually countdown to closing time. The buyers seem to be in a panic too, did they manage to see everyone on their list???

scoop-back-rail scopp-jewellery crescent-earrings


Today, first day back at the office after a shpw is catch-up and evaluate day: catching up with all the emails we missed,  catching up with all the post show emails we have to send and of course we need to start thinking about the next show, London Fashion Week in Sept. Yes, life in the fashion world is life on an endless treadmill.


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