Bling Bling, it’s all coming together

12 days to go till we show our new Spring Summer  2015 collection at Scoop International, so I am keeping a daily countdown diary to launch- welcome to my world! Problems, solutions, uncertainties, yet more problems and the unexpected in store!

Day 8


The correct fittings for our Swarovski crystals have arrived. Sheena our designer, is finally able to complete the missing jewellery items and I’m finally able to see how the collection sits together. I like it, it’s clean, pleasing, commercial with an edge.

jewl1 jewl-2 jewl3 jewl4

We now need to make some final decisions as to how we display the range. The bags are straight forward but the jewellery less so and I can’t make my mind up.. So many factors to take into consideration beyond the fact that the stand needs to be visually clear and make a good first impression. The show is held in one of London’s trendiest galleries complete with art work still on the walls, it’s vital our stand is clutter free, minimalist and modern. I’ve given myself till Friday to decide, it doesn’t leave me a lot of time, but it’s enough.

The photos from last week’s shoot are here, they are great and I short list 4 as options to use for our show invite… which goes out to our buyers this coming Friday… I shall have to make my mind up by tomorrow morning.


And as for the wallets which never turned up (see day 12 of my countdown), well- apparently the factory have made some, but.. they are being sent out on Tuesday 8th and we set up on the 12th, will they arrive on time? Won’t they?

I’ll let you know x Nadia

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