Bag surgery complete, shipping complete.. no earring clips as yet but here’s hoping

12 days to go till we show our new Spring Summer  2015 collection at Scoop International, so I am keeping a daily countdown diary to launch- welcome to my world! Problems, solutions, uncertainties, yet more problems and the unexpected in store!

Day 9


If you followed my blog last week then you will know that some of my new bags arrived minus their insides- literally. Not a good idea for a bag and not the best of oversights on the factory part. But to their credit, they scheduled the ‘surgery’ for the next day and the insides of my ‘sick’ bags arrived this morning, now firmly located inside the bags and it’s all looking good.


The second BIG problem I had last week was the fact that I wasn’t able to fly my goods in due to international cargo space being taken up for the launch of the new iPhone 6.

Kevin my shipper emailed our merchandiser Sawako with an update:

Subject: RE: AIR ship this Fri 27/06

Hi Sawako

 We have booked space to arrive Monday night… so all ok for Thursday delivery



And I reply immediately:

Kevin, you’re a star, I was out of the office and Sawako messaged me to advise, such a relief!

Have a great week,


Things are looking up and this Monday is turning up to be a good one,Monday’s in general are far from my favourites.

As for the earring clips I mentioned that arrived and were all wrong, well we are still waiting, hopefully not for too long as the earrings are really lovely!

so here we go, to the left the new incomplete ones without clips, to the rightthe finished ones with:





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