The launch of the new iphone 6 is a case of having your apple and eating it… plus the menu that could WIN you a new clutch bag

12 days to go till we show our new Spring Summer  2015 collection at Scoop International, so I am keeping a daily countdown diary to launch- welcome to my world! Problems, solutions, uncertainties, yet more problems and the unexpected in store!

Day 10

The email from our shipping agent, Kevin, bought with it some ominous news:

Subject: RE: AIR ship this Fri 27/06

Hi Sawako

Air space is very tight at the moment and the earliest ETA will be Thursday mainly due to iphone 6 launch

Rgds Kevin

I responded immediately:

Subject: RE: AIR ship this Fri 27/06

Oh no, what a disaster! Unfortunately the goods are booked for next Thursday 03/07 and we can’t change it, it’s taken me so long to get the account with this customer back and running that if I am late I will lose it!! Is there really nothing to be done?? and will this be the case for most shipping companies… can’t quite believe what I am reading.

Let me know what you suggest,

Many thanks, Nadia

Kevin replies  :

Hi Nadia

Everyone is facing the same problems but I’ll wait to hear from Dawson tomorrow

See what the airlines are suggesting

 Rgds Kevin

When it came to shipping I thought I had seen it all: strikes, China airports closed due to heavy fogs, winds, volcanic eruptions in Iceland, we even lost cargo to a ship that sank ( no kidding), but this… well I never.. and who am I to compete for space with the mighty apples?

I shrug my shoulders in disbelief, although I’m not one for giving up I know there is nothing I can do, after all who am I ?

I turn my attention to more pleasurable things, on Sunday July 13th, opening night at Scoop I’ll be attending the networking dinner at the Saatchi Gallery, my menu has been sent and I need to email back to confirm what I am ordering.  If you can guess what I have ordered and email my selection to , you could WIN our beautiful Pimlico clutch in red… which btw,for those of you who are getting the new iphone 6- is the perfect bag to carry it in !!

PIMLICO red side


Menu as follows:

First course – (served cold)

Chilled English pea & watercress soup with rose petal cream


Endive salad with Cashel blue, apple and toasted hazelnuts


Main Course

Angus beef burger, served with fries


Roast chicken breast, gnocchi, summer veg and moral veloute


Line caught cod, rainbow chard and cockles


Pumpkin tortellini with butternut squash puree and gorgonzola cream sauce



Chocolate & lavender brulee with raspberries & shortbread


Custard tart, with poached Yorkshire rhubarb


Fresh fruit salad with sorbet


  • Half bottle red or white wine
  • Tea/coffee

Happy guessing and happy weekend, I will update you on Monday and notify the winner, so you have little time, better get emailing

X Nadia


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