The lettuce you had for lunch is showing, can you put some Spanx on

12 days to go till we show our new Spring Summer  2015 collection at Scoop International, so I am keeping a daily countdown diary to launch- welcome to my world! Problems, solutions, uncertainties, yet more problems and the unexpected in store!

Day 10

Today was photoshoot day, the idea being that with a quick turnaround I will be able to use one of the photos for our Scoop International pre-show invite ( being sent to my buyers this coming Monday) and the rest will be used for our website Lookbook and sent out to press.

Now I know that Models sizes, diets and lifestyle habits are of interest to just about all women and for a pretty good reason too… were they born that way or do they just not eat?

As I made my way to the studio, already 2 hours late and still stuck in London traffic I had time to ponder about that very subject… wonder what the model will eat?

I’ve had a model who ate 10 grapes throughout a whole days shoot, a model who tried to abstain then ate a biscuit and eventually put the tin on her lap and ate it all!  During a recent shoot, the model who was very tall, extremly thin, without  as much as an ounce of fat had a small tub of salad for lunch. Lunch breaks at shoots are a quick 20 minutes affair, no sooner had she eaten her salad leaves she was getting ready for the next shot. The photographer who eyed her through his camera lens seemed very disgruntled: “ your lunch is showing, can you put some Spanx on” . For those of you who may not know, Spanx are corrective underwear- a modern day corset, skin tight and extremely difficult to put on they flatten your stomach, or thighs or Buttocks, or all three. I really thought he was teasing her as the few lettuce leaves she consumed made no difference to her thin frame, but to my surprise he wasn’t and as for the model- she never doubted his comment for a minute,pulled her Spanx out of her handbag, put them on and it was back to work!!

Happy to say that my model and I both chose the same option for lunch today- made me feel great- seems I have ‘model’ eating habits. We both chose a Greek salad, it arrived in a small take-away tub with no salad dressing. It took me all of 5 minutes to eat mine, the model took 20 minutes to eat half of hers, minus the feta cheese!

So here we go… pre lunch


and post lunch…



Looks pretty perfect to me 🙂

x Nadia

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