So sorry, but my bag is seriously unwell

12 days to go till we show our new Spring Summer  2015 collection at Scoop International, so I am keeping a daily countdown diary to launch- welcome to my world! Problems, solutions, uncertainties, yet more problems and the unexpected in store!

Day 11

I hope that those of you who’ve seen our Portobello shopper and those of you  who own one, will agree it’s fair enough to say that this bag has been our best seller for the past 2 season for a good reason. Firstly- you can’t manage without a tote bag, it’s a lifeline,( trust me on that one, if there is one thing I know it is handbags). Secondly, our Portobello with it’s neat external proportions also has an internal secret weapon: a detachable internal pouch- yep, this pouch keeps all your ‘must have’ valuables and necessities neatly compartmentalised, zipped up and safe, leaving the sides of the bag free for stuffing in newspapers, books and even your lunch.  It’s also multi-functional, you can take the pouch out, use it as a wash bag, put it in another bag…. It’s the beating core of this bag, it’s the heart.

PORTOBELLO red interior


We launched our Portobello in black and Cyan blue for summer 2104, then introduced a vintage brown and a red version and for winter 2014. And as for our new Summer 2015 collection? Well it was time for what we call in the industry a ‘move-on’ , which basically is an update of a bestseller. Now I’ve been really waiting for these ‘move-on’s ‘to arrive because these bags are really my kind of bag. And the good news is they have arrived and they are beautiful, made of the softest leather, lazer cut to perfection, beautifully assembled and of refined proportions… love at first sight!!



Whilst I remove the internal stuffing I find out my bag is missing its heart- where on earth is the internal pouch?  Stuffing out and my bag collapses… my bag is seriously unwell, ouch!

Quick conversation with the factory and they apologise for the malfunction,  an oversight it appears, a bag with no heart and less than 2 weeks to go till show time. I schedule it for urgent ‘surgery’ I hope to have it in full functioning order come July 13th.

And as for the rest of the days ‘screw –ups’ ( oh yes, you didn’t think we had just the one did you?) how about:

  • The shipment of earring settings that arrived without the jump rings, which in essence means we can’t assemble the earrings… dah
  • Or maybe the wallets, which didn’t arrive and won’t be arriving… factory thought it would be ok to make them later. Later as in after the show has ended!! Why they came to that conclusion I will never understand.


Tomorrow is photoshoot day, I will be shooting our new lookbook with Nico Didonna, reporting to you live and will blog when the day is done! X Nadia


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