Better things to do than shop in London’s West End… visit the Dale Chihuly exhibition at the Halcyon

I’m not adverse to shopping in London’s West End, in fact, on a good day I can even enjoy the odd spot of retail therapy. But last Saturday was , as it happens, not an ‘enjoy shopping’ day for me and as I wondered round Bond St I stumbled upon the Dale Chihuly  exhibition ‘Beyond the Object’,at the Halcyon Gallery. A big fan of Dale Chihuly’s colourful, beautiful, original, flamboyant and eye-opening pieces I needed no prompting to forget shopping and go ogling.

The Halcyon seemed to be the perfect space for Dale Chihuly’s Chandeliers, floor installations, vivid colours and amazing patterns. So beautiful and so individual that I urge anyone , familiar or as yet unfamiliar with his work to explore it, it really is quite simply- wow!

dc1 dc2 dc3 dc4 dc5 dc6


And what’s more, the fun continues outside with his ‘The Sun’ installation in Berkeley Square… and this one is lit at night

dc7 dc8


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