The art of ‘Perfect’

If you’ve been fortunate enough to taste some of William Curley’s chocolates, it would come as no surprise that he has been awarded the ‘Best British Chocolatier’ award 4 times since 2007.

William and his Japanese wife Suzue  have formed a formidable team, not only do they combine classic French flavours with Japanese notes, but an aesthetic  so refined it is a pleasure to behold and to taste.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to their Belgravia boutique for the launch of their new book ‘Patisserie’.   Those who know me, know I’ve had a life long love affair with chocolate (personally I go for the strong, dark ones :)) so William and Suzue Curley’s Boutique is as good as it gets for me.


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For this particular event, glass trays laden with cakes were aplenty!  I can only describe these cakes as ‘the art of perfect’- the way they looked, were decorated, the raw ingredients, the colours, the hours they took to make (let alone the years they took to perfect) and the obvious delight to the palette they gave to those eating them. I would have liked to have had one of each, I really would have, but decided to go just for one and chose the Jasmine and Mandarin Pyramide, (yes, it is the dark silky chocolate that got me but so did the combination of Jasmine Crème Brulee, chocolate sponge, dark chocolate mousse and caramalised mandarin).


I am now the proud owner of their new and wonderful book , which I hope will help me elevate my basic but fairly extensive baking skills to the next level.



And with their lovely dedication inside the front cover I think I’d better get my pinafore on!

ps. I shall be posting photos of my baking and my thoughts on how easy it was to follow the recipe, x Nadia

5 thoughts on “The art of ‘Perfect’

    1. thank you Phillip! I called it the art of ‘perfect’ because it really looked like that to me. No doubt William Curley is an absolute perfectionist , so much so that he has made ‘perfect’ his art!

      1. I absolutely loved the usage employed…I am into chocolate and I am currently putting together a project on the subject here in the Caribbean and in Trinidad and Tobago in particular. Great piece of writing.

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