Dana’s Blog: Days 8 & 9

Hey guys!

I decided to merge today and yesterday’s blogs into one, as I was only here for half the day yesterday.

Yesterday I finished up the descriptions for all the bags! They should be up on the website soon so I’ll update you on that.


This morning I made a list of all the fashion oriented blogs I think would fit with Nadia’s style and overall aesthetic. We’ll go through them and pick the one that we like the best and then reach out that way. Thanks to those of you who gave me suggestions!


Nadia told me that antivirus filters are quite lethal nowadays so there’s a chance that the emails I sent out with the press release have ended up in spam folders. I made a list of the magazines’ phone numbers so we call call them instead. I’m hopeful that eventually someone will respond!




I also Pinterest-ed (is that a thing?) quite a bit today, especially on the “English things” board, so check it out!

I hope everyone has a nice weekend and I’ll blog again next week! Thanks for reading!


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