Books, Books, Books

A sunny Bank Holiday weekend calls for a stroll down to one’s s favorite café… well, in my books it certainly does.

I decided to go for an extra-long stroll to justify the fact that I intended to have cake with my coffee. In fact I decided to walk from Muswell Hill to Crouch End and back, it’s a half decent walk with a hill climb on the way back. I chose to go down the back routes so I could check out the blossom and all the beautiful gardens, when I came across this fantastic free library in the front garden of one of the houses and was immediately captivated


I had to check the contents- a half decent selection of fiction, biography and general knowledge books. Next I checked the written ‘disclaimer’ which made my day, what a fantastic way to share books, to recycle and to engage the surrounding community.


Finally, being me I have check the small print and the website responsible for this idea. Hats off to Little Free, check them out this is global, not just unique for the UK ( and the USA)


I guess now I don’t need an excuse to go for another coffee, I have some books to return! Happy reading indeed!

PS. Dana’s blog returns tomorrow, worry not, she’s just having a long Bank Holiday weekend and charging up her batteries for the week ahead.

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