Dana’s Blog: Day 2

Hello again,

Day 2 is among us! Today was really fun. Nadia is going to be working on her website in the near future, so she asked me to look around other designers’ websites to see what I thought worked and what I thought didn’t.

Sidenote: I really like how everything I do here is related to what I study. I thought I’d be making coffee for people and getting yelled at (these are the horror stories my sister tells me, nothing personal), but I actually really enjoy the tasks I do. Also I get to put my excellent Tumblr skills/Facebook stalking talents to good use (see, Dad, told you it’ll come in handy)!



Anyway, back to the point. We’re trying to make the website a little more interactive, so it helps to see what other great companies are doing and to see if it generates any inspiration for what to do with Nadia’s.

I added some new cool things to the Tumblr as well so keep checking that out and make sure to follow!

Lastly, I will be resurrecting the company’s Instagram, as the last post was 76 weeks ago, which is not okay. Instagram is my fave social media platform so I know I’ll greatly enjoy that. Follow along and see what I end up posting!

That’s it for today, I’m afraid, but I’ll be sure to post tomorrow’s blog, so please check that out too!

Have a great day!


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