It’s a dogs life…

North London’s leafy Muswell Hill, home to many a café now has a new ‘hot-spot’ for dog owners and dog lovers alike.  This (for me anyway) was a new and I have to say, wonderful experience.

‘Scooby’s Boutique Coffee Bar’ opened its doors in the New Year for hounds & humans, and the hounds definitely come first!


Dogs are warmly greeted by the café’s owner (and dog lover) Lisa as well as Florence, her Wire Fox Terrier.

The retro interior, right down to the coffee cups is  both welcoming and quirky (of course I chose to sit next to a bright yellow table) and as for the dogs- they get given their own specially made, brightly coloured ‘doggy mat’  unless of course they choose to chill out in the 60’s blue ball chair. A bowl of water is placed on arrival and food is served on the mat in a retro style ceramic bowl! Can’t tell you just how happy the dogs I saw were! Tails wagging over-time!



There is a menu for Humans and Hounds and as such the counter display has equally exciting offers for both, on the left a great selection of cakes and bakery treats for humans, on the right a selection of doggy biscuits and doggy treats and at the weekend they even serve baked pies and cakes for dogs-( a healthy mixture of chicken, vegetables and other dog delights of course)



The walls are kitted out with stylish dog accessories, shampoos, biscuits and books, there is free wifi and for those in a rush a take-away service for both dogs and owners


I don’t have a dog ( but I am a dog lover) and I wasn’t sure what it would feel like to sit in a café for dogs and their owners but I have to say that not only was the coffee perfect, it was one of the nicest and friendliest cafe’s I have been to, I can’t recommend it enough and I am definitely going again!


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