If you have something to say…. Blog about it!

This week I attended the Bloggers Love Fashion week, a true eye opener for me. The 3 day event took place on the 7th floor of The Penthouse, 1 Leicester Square, smack bang in the heart of London, with some pretty spectacular views over the square and beyond. I’ve never done an event like this so confess I was a complete novice but I was so impressed with the fellow exhibitors-  space was tight but they were so organised with their collection and promotional material. They had a variety of events going on, as for Nadia Minkoff London on the Monday we took part in the ‘Bloggers Boutique’ At 17:00 the doors opened and in came a flood of beautifully dressed bloggers, camera in hand and plenty of smiles. Snap, snap, chat chat and before I knew it the night was up. On Wed we took part in the Bloggers Tea Party, an opportunity to tell them all about us in detail and find out about their blogs. ..after which it’s all about checking to see what they had to say!  Most bloggers have a day job and blog at of passion in their spare time, a totally fresh and different perspective on fashion to that of the glossies, more personal, more raw, more current- I really loved it.


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