I’m a finalist!

Seems the good things in life really do come to those who wait and on Friday, my years of waiting and the endless days, nights, weeks, months and years that I have put into my work and my brand , paid off.

I knew I was in the running to make the shortlist as this years ‘Accessory designer of the Year’, but it’s incredible how long short lists suddenly look when there is a lot of competition (and competition in the UK as we all know is H-U-G-E). In fact, I decided not even to mention I had made the final stages, to avoid disappointment. When a shiny silver  parcel laded on my desk week before last,containing a pair of sunglasses and telling me to prepare to be dazzled for the awards night, I let myself believe momentarily that this was indeed my year… but I quickly placed the sunglasses back in their box and it was business as usual.

So when I received an email on Friday telling me I’m a finalist, I didn’t quite believe it, it was only when I checked my Twitter account to find news was already circulating that I allowed myself a tap on the shoulder… and a celebratory decaf 🙂  So this is it, it’s for real! I have now been emailed a new logo to use as my email signature and in my correspondence, the sun was shining all weekend and I am excited!  May 1st at the Hilton Park Lane is the night! time to go and get that frock!



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