It’s almost that time to love again…

Yes, I love Valentine’s Day, nothing wrong with having a day (be it a very commercial one) which is all about love!  We don’t have enough days which are soppy and love filled. It goes without saying that I love flowers, I REALLY love chocolate, I love the idea of romance and I even  like all things pink when it comes to Valentine’s.

OK, so I’m not so crazy about those expensive  Valentine’s Day set meals that most restaurnats feel are obligatory.. Personally, I would normally choose to go for my romantic meal the day after, and I also think it’s not just about your other half ( or the other half you are hoping to have) it’s about treating friends and family too..  all in all it gets the thumbs up from me.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Feb 14th also happens to be my big brothers birthday, which makes it an even better day in my books!

Forever & love nl detail Love hearts nl detail oversized stingray pouch, pink

pink brooch clutch

All bags and jewellery items are available from the Nadia Minkoff London Valentines Day shop


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