Another catwalk? already?

Seems no sooner you lay one season to bed the next one is already due. Anyone working in fashion will know exactly what I mean when I say that… indeed we’ve just ‘closed our books’ on our summer 2013 range, which I must add- we’re delivering into stores now despite the fact that in the UK it is winter, wet, cold and pretty miserable. We’ve already previewed our winter 2014/5 collection at Scoop Intl’, but ..on Feb 15th, is when it gets seriously serious, with our London Fashion Week catwalk – the pinnacle of every season. Are we ready? well, in fashion terms we are not doing too badly , at least on the organisational side we’ near enough have every things sorted: venue, models, hair, makeup, music, sponsors. No doubt we will find some last minute changes required but we’re doing pretty good. As for the collection? well- not doing too badly here as well. Our key colours are sorted, so are our key pieces and now we are are working on the fine details, the smaller pieces that make it all come together. And hopefully it will..  that is all comes together as planned and even better on the day. Will keep you posted right here on our progress and on the big day itself.






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