A snapshot of Copenhagen

I was fortunate enough to spend some days in Copenhagen last week as part of a UK trade mission held at the British ambassadors residence. Whilst the flight is just under 1.5 hours it’s quite hard to believe the change in pace, from manic London to a calm Copenhagen city center, I kept waiting for the traffic, the noise, the bustle… but no. Needless to say I loved it, the city, the people,their style and the food. A quick snapshot here of things that appealed:

My Room with a view- I stayed at the lovely Admiral Hotel a beautiful old buliding from 1787,lovingly restored and to my delight, my room faced the harbor, beautiful


A view of tall ships in the morning, is one I highly recommend:


The preferred mode of travel is by bike, it’s so quiet as a result:


Totally intrigued by the plaques hanging of the side of the buildings, this one was quite obviously for a keysmith:


The Danes certainly know how to do mid 20th century style at it’s best, from great furniture to lighting and some pretty beautiful tableware too:


Too cold to eat out in the fresh air?? Rubbish, the seats are covered in fur, there is a blanket to put over your knees and some form out outdoor heating, Al-Fresco dining all year long:


And finally, this little fellow caught my attention, quite obviously he isn’t going anywhere but just in case he or someone else decided to try and remove him, he was securely fastened with a metal wire:



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