Is it possible that the clock in Grand Central station NY has a relative in Hendon Central?

Well, apparently so. The station clock at Hendon Central Underground has always intrigued me, it’s really quite beautiful, with it’s large brass rim and bold Roman numerals, it kind of looks out of place but is also ‘part of the furniture’ at the same time. Whilst I glance at it every single time I use the station I finally decided to have a close inspection. Turns out it was made by ‘The Self Winding Clock Company, NY’, so now I am really intrigues and in need of a quick search engine search!

I now know that the clock mechanisms made by TSWCC were truly revolutionary because the spring that power these clocks were not wound by hand but with an electric motor, well, well- who would have thought?? they finally worked out a way of selling ‘exact time’!!  I’d like to say that the underground trains run at ‘exact time’ as a result but unfortunately not. Still I like this clock even more now because it journeyed from the Big Apple to  a relatively obscure station in North London and that deserves some respect and is well worth a proper look. And for those of you who can’t make it to Hendon Central, here it is:


Have a great week, without too many delays hopefully!

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