To Halloween or not to Halloween?

Trick or Treat and the whole Halloween thing, was always big in the States but not so in the UK. It took it a while to catch on but it certainly did.An opportunity for some much needed mid-season commerce coupled with the fact that kids love sweets and teens love dressing up has put Halloween firmly on the map, even in the UK, where a persons home is their castle and uninvited guests are really not welcome on the whole. I always used to joke that Halloween is backed by the UK dental association as I am sure there are so many teeth that will need being seen to after the day- sugar, sugar and yet more sugar.

So what do I think about it? I think I quite like it, I always stock up on sweets and I always wait to see just how many trick or treaters will knock on my door. I’ve sadly given up on my front garden decoration,-lights, pumpkins and creepy crawleys which, without fail either get stolen, broken or thrown into a bush every single year!  So, I’ve already bought my stash of sweets for Thursday ( far too many of them) and I’ve been carefully looking at all the various Halloween cakes now appearing in shop windows, some of which are really quite something and I’ve bought a little wooden sign for my front gate which says ‘BOO’ (wonder how long that will last…) and my weekly Top Nine was of course, Halloween themed. Happy Halloween to all!


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