To have and to hold… musings of a bag lady

I’ve finally got my own regular feature in a magazine I really like, how cool is that? It took me a while to get going, having agreed to the column I suddenly had writers block, followed by prolonged hesitation and a lot of doubt. My monthly feature ‘musings of a bag lady’ is really just that :bags, more bags, accessories, trends and I’m guessing yet more bags! But I hope to share with my readers a mix of ‘inside’ knowledge from the industry and my personal take on what is currently trending and why.

Please have a read through the first one ‘ to have and to hold’ and let me know what you think, would love to have your feedback.

Also, you can bag yourself ( excuse the pun) one of our lovely St Johns Wood tote bags in dark Navy, Women Talking are running a competition for this bag and the details are on the page. It’s a very , very lovely bag so be sure to enter!


Nadia Minkoff London, St Johns Wood tote in Navy Blue leather

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