Attenborough or Hitchcock??

This morning whilst in my kitchen I heard birds in my front garden making the most awful racket, as bad as a drunken brawl outside a pub. It got progressively worse and eventually I decided to step out the front door to see what was going on. To my disbelief there was a flock of magpies attacking a fellow Magpie who was perched on my garden gate, so enraged they didn’t even fly away when I stepped out. The bird that’d been attacked resembled a pin cushion, bleeding with a broken wing and a look of terror the likes of which I can’t describe. He fell off the gate, carrying his broken wing with him and managed to hop into the bush behind my garden shed. I washed the blood of the gate, the blood off the path and swept away his feathers that had been plucked. No movement from behind the shed, so I assumed the poor bird had died but just in case, I scattered some bread crumbs and seeds and went back indoors. Still disturb by it all I opened the back door to the garden, just in case he came out onto the lawn, but no sign of him. Whilst sipping my tea quietly (with the garden door still open), I was startled by a loud miaow, a young white male cat, who I had seen a couple of times previously had let himself into my kitchen. Although complete strangers he was a friendly, affectionate little fellow and he made me smile. I gave him a little treat to eat on the patio, locked the door and got ready for work. Walking towards my car and within the space of a couple of minutes the racket of the birds started yet again, it was so loud and before I knew it there was the friendly white cat, who shot out of my garden running as fast as he possibly could, with the injured bird in his mouth cawing for his life and followed by what I can only describe as a ‘swarm’ of angry birds. I sat in my car, closed my eyes, took a deep breath and told myself ‘Nadia, you didn’t see that’.

My conclusion? When your number is up-it’s up and that birds number was definitely up today. And also..sticking your nose into business you don’t know doesn’t necessarily have the desired results, I couldn’t help but think that if I hadn’t left food for the bird or given a treat to the friendly cat, maybe, just maybe his number wouldn’t have been up today. Sorry bird!


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