The quiet before the storm or the storm before the storm?

So that’s it, tomorrow afternoon, at 13:00 hrs ( and probably not precisely knowing what the fashion world is like) I’ll be presenting out new Spring Summer 2014 collection at London Fashion Week with Nico Didonna.

Are we ready? yes we are! Trust me, that in itself  is a big achievement , past experience taught me that one is usually  still making last minute adjustments and repairs on the day. I’ve been remarkably calm all week and all day.. even if I can now publicly confess that the new catwalk bags were only completed this morning… however, now that we are packed and good to go, I feel incredibly nervous. So I’m guessing that my ‘quiet before the storm’ was in fact a case of ‘the storm before the storm’

Well  hopefully I will break the proverbial leg and all that and by tomorrow evening I should have some fantastic photos of the event to show off with, so watch this space.

Good weekend to all, x Nadia



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